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MaidSafe Melbourne is a new community supporting the MaidSafe initiative .


Maidsafe melbourne –


I really want to start supporting the voices and ambassadors of our community. I have donated to the Safe Crossroads a couple of times and would love to also support what you are doing. What is the easiest way for people to send MAID donations your direction?

I often donate on spontaneous feelings of appreciation and emotional connection with people creating content I like and for better or worse would donate more if it was easy to do when those moments arise.


So, if the Safe Network hasn’t been launched yet, why build a local community?

for more info on maidsafe melbourne @PeterRobertson





This is a very generous offer, thank you. What method do you propose, I guess we should put a bitcoin address up for this purpose? Or, is it possible to set up for MaidSafe tokens at this point? In any case, your support is really appreciated.


for MaidSafe Melbourne

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Plans apace for growth at Melbourne bitcoin co-working space

I have been using the MAID tokens that will be exchanged 1:1 for Safe Coins later.

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thanks for the kind words anything that raises awareness of the SAFEnetwork is only ever a great thing - not the first person who has mentioned regarding setting up a donation method esp for MAID tokens will do some research – any suggestions?

The best thing to do is decide whether you need a wallet that does not need to be used (cold wallet) until you import in the coins to the SAFE network or a wallet you would like to be able to access the funds now (hot wallet).

Probably best is to have your donation address a hot wallet on or holytransactions and then you can decide when to send coins off to your extra secure cold wallet.

You can download the html/js from and run it on a live tails OS to generate your cold wallet and back up in a few safe places.

Once you have your btc/MAID public address then share it everywhere you are publishing your work. That way when I’m watching/listening I will remember I wanted to send my MAID.

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thanks as ever for all the support :slight_smile:

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huge S/O to @PeterRobertson @optictopic and rest of maidsafe Melbourne for a very inspiring conversation


We are so honored, thank you so much.

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