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HUGE thanks to Ceiling Demons @optictopic great discussion regarding n99/ safecoin/ SAFEnetwork

Ceiling Demons are an alternative hip hop trio from North Yorkshire, England.The group is comprised of identical twin brother MCs Psy Ceiling and Dan Demon, with production from Beat Demon.
The Demons first release, The Ceiling Demons EP in December 2012, was met with positive reviews,
Having spent a year playing shows and recording in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, Ceiling Demons released their debut album in December, 2013, entitled Dual Sides. With juxtaposed themes of escapism, desperation and unity, it is a concept piece that aims to confront the human condition.
The Demons are currently writing / recording new tracks and set to play live at the Tramlines festival July 15

with every step we advance

the era of the creative is rising


excellent podcast its so good to see musicians etc are getting on board

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Welcome, Eddie. Say hi to Tim for me. :sunglasses:

The Ceiling Demons have flown the flag for SAFE for nearly two years they just set up a crypto wallet this is their first venture into the crytpo world If you would like to donate to Ceiling Demons 1Buk61dkvNW3b3psiCxDkRuakLra2w1uok

#step by step

male suicide accounts for 76% of all suicides and is the single biggest cause of death in men under 45 in the UK.

I take a look at these four bars tattooed on my wrist,
Each one times ten for the chances that I’ve missed,
Reminisce six years to when I was fifteen,
They meant more to me than 40k a year,
That’s how it ought to be,
Every book the taught to me I’ve devour in a day,
I’d find my love in pages of Ballard, Camus and James,
Now I re-inject my rage,
Think my chances can be saved,
By spewing every twisted thought I have onto the page,
It stays the same,
The same face looking back on me,
But the love’s gone,
Once loved songs sound wack to me,
I rap to see if that creativity that used to live inside of me,
Can fly again and find a new nativity,
But now my pen’s at a stand-still,
My mind’s full of potential that torrentially falls,
And my life’s just a page in my rhyme book,
Crushed in a handful,
Straight to the landfill