LIFE IS PEOPLE #184 Eijah [Demonsaw] Exclusive launch of Demonsaw3d



Huge S/O to @eijah tonight’s LIFE IS PEOPLE was insightful conversation
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**Exclusive launch of Demonsaw 3d **
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Eijah is a programmer by day and a hacker by night - also a Senior Programmer at Rockstar Games and the founder of Demonsaw, a secure and anonymous information sharing platform. When he is not writing code for Grand Theft Auto V, he is writing code for demonsaw and for the future of privacy.

To say that this has been a crazy year for Eijah would be an understatement. This year has been insane. Because of the visibility that DefCon gave him last year, he has been able to build new relationships and meet some amazing people. Two months ago he formed an official partnership with John McAfee, the founder of McAfee Anti-Virus. For both John and Eijah, privacy is critically important. John will be by his side this year as we promote demonsaw as a secure and anonymous platform that gives power back to the individual.

Demonsaw is a new type of information-sharing application that’s secure, anonymous, free, and everywhere. It’s designed to protect our anonymity and hide what we’re sharing. demonsaw is wrapped in multiple layers of user-derived cryptographic algorithms based on a new and modern security model called Social Cryptography. It takes the best features from centralized applications, like Dropbox, and decentralized applications, like BitTorrent, and merges them into a new type of hybrid application. Share whatever you want, with whomever you want, without fear or consequence.

Using Demonsaw, anyone can communicate and share files securely, from anywhere in the world. Share and stream pictures and video with family, communicate securely behind enemy lines, or transfer State secrets to WikiLeaks. In the end, it’s all the same and it’s all secure. When I originally set out to launch demonsaw I gave the community the following promise: 100% free, no ads, no installs, no malware, no bundled software, no logging, no tracking, and no bullshit. Safeguarding our privacy and protecting our Right to Share are the primary goals of Demonsaw. This is the demonsaw Promise

#step by step the ERA of the creative is rising


Really enjoyed that one Tim… the dead-drop device sounds brilliant!!! Stroke of genius!

Would have been nice to hear some of his thoughts on SAFE too, but understandable ofc. He seems like a really bright and decent guy… I’m surprised I’d never heard of demonsaw before. Cool stuff, respect his mission.


So, I just read this thread

Whatever happened? Why is Eijah not doing more with SAFE? I can understand that he has his own baby with Demonsaw, but surely there should have been more cross-pollination here? What have I missed?


@Jabba There’s a great podcast with @fergish and @eijah which sheds light on this, and John asks him some great questions which get very informative responses. Don’t have the link but it was posted on the forum in the last month or two - not by John, but one of the crypto shows.


What I got from his podcast is he respectfully wants to promote his product alone and not be overshadowed. That’s just my opinion on what I could gather from the wording and tone of his responses. I think he has a great project but it’s not as ambitious as Safe. Although I’m glad to hear they will be making it more user friendly, as it was a bit more the tech enabled :slight_smile:


Much appreciated both, I will dig out the podcast and have a listen. :grin:

ty muchly


Here’s the link.


Very interesting podcast, I’m surprised I missed it the first time. Good on you John.

I think it’s a great thing that we have lots of people working on lots of solutions so we end up with as much choice and development as possible. I’d never heard of Eijah but he instantly earns a decent amount of respect from me for the direction he’s heading.

I still need to play with Demonsaw to understand it and the implications better, but credit to him for what he’s accomplished on his own. I’m struggling to understand the need for it IF SAFE works though. It’s always good to have fall-back plans and alternative technologies being developed though I guess… I’d rather all the smart ones were working on SAFE ofc :wink:


Isn’t the idea of social cryptography a very cool idea? That was one that got my attention


Yes, I liked that one too. Clever, simple, innovative. /thumbsup