LIFE IS PEOPLE #173 David Irvine September 14th 18hrs BST


@dirvine CEO at MaidSafe has in excess of 23 years experience in IT and 15 years running companies. He was previously responsible for Enterprise network design and project management and has worked on some of the world’s largest network projects. David is also a published author on papers in the fields of complex networking, distributed computing and cryptography related technologies. David’s main focus is on creating privacy security and freedom for all people. He enjoys programming, physical computing, robotics and anything that he finds interesting and means making something that’s not been done. He is sole inventor in over 30 patents and has authored many papers on complex systems and cryptography.

Why thank you! What a great birthday present :slight_smile:


Great, can’t get enough David :smiley:


The Birth of Basic @dirvine


Thankyou for that vid.

Would I be aging myself to say that I remember the multitude of hours using those teletype model 33 terminals as well as the acoustic couplers.


#Back in the day
The Sinclair ZX Spectum 16

Amstrad CPU 464

and i spent two years saving all my paper round / odd job earnings to purchase the Atari 400
however was really differcult and expensive to purchase games which just meant i became a master of Star Raiders 8-bit :wink:



Ahhh memories!

My favourite game on the spectrum was wizzball! 30 years later and I still dream about it from time to time lol.


Huge S/O to @dirvine tonight’s LIFE IS PEOPLE was an insightful discussion


Thanks Tim and David … a fascinating insight into some of the many sides of David Irvine!

Quite an adventure too, I wonder who will play you in the film David - who would you suggest? :wink:

Great to get a mention too :slight_smile:

I think that question about “what am I here for?” [1:11] and your example David was very insightful. I’ve pondered those kind of things a lot in my life, and your example summed it up for me as “this moment”.

So much worth listening to. I think there was a mobile phone trying to get in on the act periodically, but it couldn’t compete with the content.

Thanks again.


Loved the conversation!


Sounds like someone’s playing one of the above video games at parts throughout the video :). I watched the whole thing, nevertheless! Might watch it again in a week, too!! Munch on some dinner, fish oil, multivitamins, creatine, EFA, kick back, and watch it again, while doing pushups; good stuff. I’ve left a comment!

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Great conversation!
Thank you David for you contributions for the benefit of many! Truly heartwarming.


Thank you for an interesting and very open conversation!


At 29:35 David talks about the difficulty of solving unsolved problems and people asking for timeframes,

And also right around there he talks about the team being in hangouts for many hours per day,

And I was wondering if these could be made public each day? Would that damage the project in any way, or could that work?

I see it solving a few problems at once:

  • people could hear the discussions themselves and guesstimate the timeframes for themselves
  • more people could understand the codebase and thoughts behind it, so SAFE Network development decentralizes itself
  • people could write comments on the forum or in the hangouts chat if they have solutions to the topics

Is this something that could work?

MaidSafe’s daily dev hangouts seem like a hugely important & untapped resource got the community, and opening them for anyone to hear seems like it would only have positive effects and no real negative ones I can think of right now, especially if we’re trying to decentralise knowledge & development of the network

Win win win; win for the community, win for MaidSafe, and therefore win for the world (who gets privacy security and freedom:)

(it’s like taking the positive effects of the dev forum and multiplying it by a huge amount)

Because you never know who will be following and listening also, like maybe a react dev pops up and has the answer to some UI issue that the team is discussing, etc etc for every area.

Just seems logical thing to do for a decentralized open source project. Opening the code is great but opening the human side of it (the daily discussions) seems just as important

Unfortunately yes, we are all very close and know each others habits, so many many jokes, worries and stories that would be taken massively out of context I think. It’s just the world we live in, plus they are in many cases multiple hangouts at once and done on spur of the moment. On slack we will just type /hangout and start a chat about an issue in code that’s very specific etc.

To try and make it all public would be technically very hard plus it would turn us into the Truman show :smiley: and possibly make things more guarded where they need to be wide open and nobody caring about how something sounds etc.


I agree with David, too much exposure and not enough privacy is oppressive. MaidSafe need their own space, like any team, to work closely and not worry about anyone but those they know well and trust who are in it with them. The community can never be part of that IMO - except maybe at the launch party in Troon :slight_smile:


Ok, hmm didn’t think about the politics of it I guess. It made so much sense in my head but I guess everyone else in the forum seems to understand something that’s going right over my thick head :stuck_out_tongue:

Open is open, who cares what people think. That’s my first instinct anyway but not my place to decide for others!

Sorry if I was pushy! Don’t mean to be. Honestly just thought I had a good idea for decentralizing development. Don’t mean to pry I swear


Yes, there has to be a limit to being open. To quote Cardinal Richelieu.
“If you give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest of men, I will find something in them which will hang him.”

Anything you say can (and will) be taken out of context and used to hang you (or at least give you a really hard time on Twitter) :slight_smile:.

That’s what’s so damaging about the spooks and Googles being able to see everything that everyone does. The feeling that someone is looking over your shoulder all the time, pulling together information that might one day be used against you, crushes creativity.


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