LIFE IS PEOPLE #129 SESSION #5 LIVE Weds 13th April 21hrs GMT

Sessions #5

Have you ever listened to a song and wished the artist did or said something different, played a different chord, or chose a different name for the song? The Sessions experiment aims to let people do just that though we will be including all creative types in this template. If you’re a musician, graphic artist, producer, writer or anything in between, Sessions has a place for you.
The world is a complex web of financial API’s, protocols and tools that can be brought together to form a distributed music industry. This emerging industry will be heavily influenced by open source development. Sessions is an attempt to construct templates for creativity Sessions of any kind.
Like any experiment it will involve a lot of trial and error and nothing is guaranteed. The idea is to decentralize the production and promotion process of creative work. It will take some time to see this play out but considering the tools we now have at our disposal, most of this process can be automated and rewarding for artists and fans. @mckmuze @we_advance @MrAnderson

Sessions #5 LIVE
Wednesday 13th April 21hrs GMT
Wednesday 13th April 20hrs CEST
Wednesday 13th April 15hrs MT
Wednesday 13th April 14hrs PT
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#creation inspires creation


If it replaces whores parading around with occult symbology at mid-time at the superbowl, or all those idiots who are photographed with one eye covered, or endless predictive programming such as endless zombie movies and tv shows, or endless representations of political correctness, or endless disparaging of tradition, and endless belittling of the male as a buffoon or moron…

Then I welcome it, even if I have no idea what it might look like.


step by step the era of the creative is rising Sessions is being shaped by bands filmakers authors artists programmers etc no more middle men. A common wealth of human knowledge where creative people can collaborate share ideas where creators are rewarded for the creations they generate. n99 is a platform where you can shape evolution of the live decentralized data base

Follow the compass - Ceiling Demons
Follow the compass, the purpose of this world will be certain.
Opens yours eyes and be alerted.
Wake up to the sound of life, sunshine and vibes.
Darkness day, longest night.
We all bear in mind, the battle-scars from the wars fought in our time,
In our eyes, memories get revived, but to let go and realise,
Will paint a stronger future for the generations who survive.
Shake away all the bad karma, regrets and dwellings.
The past is over, the future is unwritten, and this is the story I’m telling - Ceiling Demons Life is people #50 ceiling demons

#the era of the creative is rising


Huge S/O to @mckmuze tonights Sessions was inspiring
as created in Sessions five

seeds of inspiration @whiteoutmashups @riddim best idea ever!!! xD didn’t we have some talented people here who could make this happen? xD or maidsafe-logos breaking through the wall :smiley: via MaidSafe Dev Update 12th April 2016
#Music inspires art


Sessions 5


That’s amazing!! Thanks a million!! Way better than I could imagine

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