LIFE IS PEOPLE #128 ANTS 15 Sunday 3rd April

ANTS #15
Brainstorming unique uses of SAFEnetwork
Latest SAFEnetwork developments
For anyone wanting to watch/listen
ANTS #15 meet up in various time zones
Sunday 3rd April 18hrs GMT
Sunday 3rd April 19hrs CEST
Sunday 3rd April 12hrs MT
Sunday 3rd April 11hrs PT
Sunday 3rd April 14hrs ART

#Step by step the ANTS are coming


Huge S/O to @dallyshalla @Prescient1 tonights ANTS was insightful

#step by step


I’m really confused, Tim. I was ready to join this at the time posted, just to find it’s already done. What’s up?

So sorry, I missed this hangout.

I like how Decorum weighs “likes”, using (reputation & coin). It’s really interesting and could be used in N99.


the first hangout crashed been having wifi issues all day next ANTS will be Sunday 17th April 19hrs GMT enjoyed Technology and choice podcast :slight_smile:

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What are “seeds”?
They are transferable digital tokens used in n99’s marketplace.
What are “seeds” used for?
Used to “like” content. This is good for building reputation and popularity.
Used as “gifts” exchange for: signed books, CDs, special print shirts, etc.
Used as “tickets” for events: live broadcast, 1 on 1 interview, etc.
Seeds are distributed to the content makers of the n99 platform. When an artist puts a new piece of artwork using the platform a new seed is generated and awarded to that artist. As this artist makes their piece known to the world by making their artwork public, people can then cast their seeds to that artwork. If a certain threshold was to be reached with people awarding seeds to that artwork, then an additional seed will be generated and distributed by a faucet.
They are generated by two means, a successful put to the SAFE Network of unique content. And by a favorable contribution of seeds towards a piece of artwork. These mechanisms will grow the amount of seeds based on the contribution of artwork, and also it will distribute them in a way that is accessible to anyone even without a financial contribution.
There is a future in creating no more starving artists musicians authors comedians film makers creators the era of the creative is rising
The n99 platform expects to earn Safecoin through the application developer system of the SAFE Network. Of this award the n99 shares it with the holders of seeds. The n99 platform stands to empower the artists first. If an artist publishes content through n99 and charges no fee to consume their content, this artist will gain 99% of the application developer reward from their content. Otherwise if the artist charges a fee for their piece, then that artist is entitled to 100% of their price and share no charge with n99, however they still get a seed for thier contribution and still can participate in the seed ratings as well. Though also application developer reward from that content will be awarded proportionally to the seed holders.


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