LIFE IS PEOPLE #111 SESSIONS #1 The Time Is Right

LIVE 27 JANUARY 21hrs GMT 14hrs MT 13hrs PT SESSIONS #1 The Time Is Right
What is Sessions?
Sessions is an experiment in listener engagement and collaboration. It will involve the contribution of listeners, artists and musicians alike. Sessions aims to be an open source collaboration template for anyone to use and improve on. For now, Sessions is a simple concept. Sessions will be using Google Hangouts to engage people in the creative process. Participants will earn rewards through games and contests that educate people about new tools, platforms and technologies.
Music is nothing without someone to hear it and engage. Listeners and collaborators bring music alive and are just as much of the songwriting process as artists themselves. The root of all value is human interaction and meaningful engagement. Speaking in terms of how children view the world, human interaction is absolutely the most valuable thing in life.
The Sessions project aims to bring this real value directly to every individual involved in the creative process. Sessions is completely free for listeners but the musicians are encouraged to buy you lunch while you sit in on a Session. Sessions will start building a collection of open source tools to construct an open collaboration experiment. The idea is to create a positive feedback loop that generates real value.
For a good place to see what Sessions is all about and why we are doing this, check out the video ‘Why Sessions‘
Have you ever listened to a song and wished the artist did or said something different, played a different chord, or chose a different name for the song? The Sessions experiment aims to let people do just that though we will be including all creative types in this template. If you’re a musician, graphic artist, producer, writer or anything in between, Sessions has a place for you.
The world is a complex web of financial API’s, protocols and tools that can be brought together to form a distributed music industry. This emerging industry will be heavily influenced by open source development. Sessions is an attempt to construct templates for creativity Sessions of any kind.
Like any experiment it will involve a lot of trial and error and nothing is guaranteed. The idea is to decentralize the production and promotion process of creative work. It will take some time to see this play out but considering the tools we now have at our disposal, most of this process can be automated and rewarding for artists and fans.
Stay tuned, this experiment is going to be fun!
Feel free to contact @we_advance @mckmuze if you like to be a guest
online murals that will continue to grow and change as contributors add their art. If you would like to add your art, feel free to register for a Session and let us see what you do.

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If you would like to participate in SESSION #1

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HUGE S/O to @mckmuze @dyamanaka @19eddyjohn75 @optictopic tonights SESSIONS #1 was great example of the creative experience

For more on SESSIONS
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Listening to sessions right now. Love it!


Image as drawn inspired by SESSIONS #1 in process of creating image inspired by SESSIONS #1 thanks to @dyamanaka @mckmuze @19eddyjohn75 creation inspires creation

ink on paper
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The time is right [ink on paper]

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dormant embryos of creation [ink on paper]

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