LIFE IS PEOPLE #103 David Yamanaka


@dyamanaka likes new technologies that allow him to think outside the box. Innovation gets David so excited, you have no idea! Currently, helping MaidSafe Develop a decentralized internet 2.0!

He is also a veteran gamer, going all the way back to Dungeons and Dragons, with dice! he thinks there’s something special about face-to-face role playing with a group of friends that can never be replaced by today’s digital gaming.

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#you are the brains of the central nervous system


HUGE S/O to @dyamanaka for an insightful conversation

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#you are the brains of the central system

As discussed Lawnmower man
One summer, Harold Parkette is in need of a new lawn mowing service. The summer before, a neighbor’s cat was accidentally killed when another neighbor’s dog chased it under the mower. Harold has been putting off hiring new help for the summer, but when he sees an ad for a mowing service he calls. A van reading “Pastoral Greenery” soon pulls up to Parkette’s home. The man working for the service, a hairy, pot-bellied fellow, is shown the overgrown back lawn and is hired. Harold is enjoying a rest as he reads the paper, wondering about the lawnmower man mentioning Circe, when he hears the lawnmower outside. Startled, he races to the back porch and sees the lawnmower running by itself and the naked lawnmower man following it on all fours and eating the grass. The lawnmower seemingly deliberately chases and kills a mole and Harold faints.

When Harold revives, the lawnmower man explains that this new method, introduced by his boss, grants substantial benefits, and that he makes sacrificial victims of customers who cannot appreciate the process. Parkette, though unnerved, allows the lawnmower man to return to work. As soon as the man is out of sight, Harold desperately calls the police, but is interrupted by the lawnmower man, who reveals his boss’s name: Pan. The lawnmower briefly chases Harold through his living room before brutally slaughtering him.

When the police arrive, they conclude that Parkette was murdered and dismembered by a schizophrenic sex maniac. As they leave, the scent of freshly cut grass hangs strongly in the air.

#you are the brains of the central nervous system

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The Thirteenth Floor

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