Lies, damned lies, and wiki statistics

Hey guys,

I finally had the time to implement piwik for the safe network wiki and thought it would be interesting to share how it is doing.

The wiki went “live” around may this year and thus far there have been roughly 12000 visits altogether, with an unprecedented peak of 308 visits on July 22nd when a comment on a [reddit frontpage post][1] linked to the wiki. Fortunately we were spared the reddit hug of death. :smile:

So without further ado, here are some pretty pictures for the (english) wiki

And again, a really big thanks to @fergish for doing a tremendous job on the wiki. He’s constantly improving and adding new content to the wiki.

On a another note, I saw that there were some discussions on translations and I agree that we should probably at least wait until the network hits beta before continuing/finishing the translation, since quite a bit has changed since we started on that.


Excellent ! I am sure that our community enjoys and appreciates this nice overview .
Thank you for your engagement and efforts to improve and extend our experience !


I had no idea Maidsafe was so popular in July on reddit…how did I miss that? :slight_smile:

Going quickly through the comments, people seem very excited about maidsafe and the safe network with the obvious questions “is this another scam?” being quickly rejected. That’s very encouraging! :+1:


It was posted in /r/rust as well.