Lie industry in panic mode about Tesla

As people may know Tesla doesn’t pay the lie industry and as a result the lie industry’s whole society destroying business model is at risk plus some of its major sponsors are having to wonder what they pay the lie industry for because theses sponsors are slated for destruction and paying for more lies doesn’t seem to be helping.

Right now the FUD media is trying as hard as it can to get Tesla’s range results questioned and radically overstate the range results from legacy makes- just not going to work. Doing the same with autopilot they are trying to preemptively discredit and stop it the greatest leap in life saving safety tech in history. Not going to work either. In the case of self-driving while it is a harbinger for AI it is also the greatest safety advance in history and Tesla stuff has already saved countless lives with 22 billion AP miles logged and recently reaching 10x greater safety rates than with AP switched off but the legacy auto industry (LICE) wants to stop this not just in the way they have actively opposed all other safety advances but because they can’t survive this tech because even as it will save countless lives and already has it radically cuts the number of vehicles needed and will cut their revenues when they are already structurally bankrupt and deeply in-debt- but that situation is because they just inherently suck. Normally they just try to foot drag this time they are trying to outright get it stopped (getting in the pocket senators to write letters to regulators) and delayed permanently if possible. But they can’t even do vanilla EVs. None of them and I mean absolutely none of them are serious about EVs they just upped their compliance EV game. No, not even VW is serious which is obvious if you look at the number of batteries it is planning on producing through 2030. And why? Because they simply cannot survive the transition even to EVs let alone AEVs. But the good thing is it is not necessary for them to survive and I’ll get into that below.

Part of what is missing from the analysis is it isn’t the simply the media and it sure as hell is not just about click bait. We don’t have media anymore and it isn’t just sponsorship although allowing sponsorship in media is a conflict of interest that converts democracy to oligopoly rather rapidly and by design. And really most of the lying in media for decades has been around fossil fuels as a tech and continuing with and covering up the influence of the oligarchs who benefit from it. We don’t have a media we have a paid lie industry or just straight lie industry. In the case of Tesla it is not just shorts but the actual people behind the shorts- Gates recently got caught shorting Tesla but you could throw in Buffet and Kochs and most of those in lame natural gas- natural gas was never a better proposition than selling light cigarettes to teens and it seems fossil fuels since the end of WWII have just been an excuse and a means for stability through imperialism sometimes with the fiction of bipolarity thrown in to give it the structure to persist. But even if LICE could survive self-driving or the transition to EVs it seems projections have our populations starting to dip precipitously even as they are still rising. Tesla is building capacity to take all of their share even as they can’t shed it fast enough. LICE and fossil fuels are also trying to foist incredibly stupid stuff like mileage taxes to stop the transition to green.
In the US Bernie Sanders took the 12th highest amount in the Senate from Fossil Fuels in 2020
You can verify that here:

Markey and Blumenthal also took FF money despite like Bernie singing a pledging not to and they just wrote a letter to a regulator suggesting by implication autopilot should be slowed down on the basis of FUD. Nothing is worse for average Americans, or for the American future or for the American economy or for the world and humanity than fossil fuels but Bernie took the 12th highest amount in the Senate from fossil fuels at 305k last year. The year before he took about a million. At the same time he whines incessantly about Musk and Tesla. Is that what all that money bought? All that whining about a person and an organization actually trying to make things better? Or does he have bearer shares or the equivalent in natural gas and those are down and his personal wealth is down so he blames Tesla? This guy signed onto the GND! So did AOC but she took 32k last year from fossil fuels- not money they needed to win just money that says they are paid for- Markey and AOC authors of the GND placation deep. The people want fossil fuels gone yesterday but fake liberal puppets will stand up to release steam to keep the no change status quo by verbalizing things but it is a version of “justice delayed is justice denied,” it is all placation. It is the equivalent of a propaganda campaign that tells oppressed enslaved people: what more could you want you have justice? But their definition of justice is anything that allows those already in a position of power to exploit those not in such a position and their definition of injustice is anything that works against continuing such exploitation.
You could call this tactic death by lip service or acculturation to infinite delay. But Bernie is a leftist?! When the country was at its strongest on so many but not all of the basic measures in the late 1960s Bernie would have been right of center- hardly left. The difference between then and now has come through oligarch controlled bribery based media and legalized bribery and lying as the basis of society.

So Honda just announced it will be free of fossil fuels by 2040. That is pathetic! GM and Ford won’t likely survive in my opinion the 1st quarter of next year if they aren’t majority viable EVs by then- but they won’t be not even close- GM thinks it can delay until 2035. Honda won’t do much better- see it partnering with GM- that is how low it has sunk. Ford has a Model Y clone ‘Mustang’ but only plans to make it in compliance numbers and it is not even remotely good enough that any sane person would chose it over a Tesla. Ford has an electric F150 coming but they just slapped a battery and electric motor in their stock F150- they won’t make it through a quarter with that! GM has another EV scheduled for September that is a raised station wagon with grafted on chintzy Mirai styling at its corners (like the stuff Honda used to make sure the PHEV Clarity didn’t catch on when PHEVs had a chance.) The thing will weigh about 1700lbs more than a Model Y by the time it goes on sale (Model Y is in the process of losing 500lbs) and its already down on power and range. It doesn’t have a chance in hell.

When the media including Consumer Reports which claims not to be sponsored but still appears quite bribed was trying to discredit Tesla’s autopilot it actually did a video on how to defeat the seat pressure sensor, the seat belt sensor and the steering wheel pressure sensor to get auto pilot to function on a road (assuming it had normal markings) from the passenger seat with leg draped across the center console to reach the pedal- the court of public opinion fudsters are trying to get Tesla into a corner over privacy over use of an interior camera (which it has but doesn’t use much) to spook the public (they’ve tried to ramp that FUD in China already)- but you could put a velcro tab over that and when full auto pilot comes you won’t need that camera to monitor driver attention only driver vandalism in self driving taxies.
But now I’d like to paint a picture where I think society and humanity would be better off without Ford and GM in particular but you could throw in BMW for sure because at best they are just part of the garbage fossil fuel retail chain. GM and Ford don’t give a sht about their employees or the public and they are surviving on trying to further corrupt politicians and regulators and behalf of oligarchs like Buffet, Gates and the Kochs. As usual they continue to fight critical safety tech and despite lip survive fight EVs and their is no viable path where they survive either.

This time when they go under liquidate their assets and use it to retire out the rank and file employees with full pay and benefits with 20 years credit or more if they have more- nothing for the management or board. Give the remainder to creditors but people who gave them money were stupid. And zero out their investors because they’ve earned it! And there is no reason to keep bailing out these oligarchs.

Also I think they don’t have the support of the technocrats and internal government policy anymore and will never have it again- using fossil fuels and imperialist imperative as a dubious cover for a global security state arrangement to prevent nuclear war has given way to an AI arms race and a new paradigm. They don’t have the strategic wind behind them anymore- they are going against it.

GM and Ford have another vice that recommends their liquidation, they are big funders of the lie industry. But that industry is sowing destabilizing cynicism about society which goes beyond necessary skepticism. The business Consumer Reports engaged in where they showed people how to defeat layer after layer of Autopilot active safety system so as to use the system irresponsibly was so contorted and contrived it was as idiotic as someone opening the gas cap on an ICE vehicle and jamming a portion of hankie through the orifice and lighting the other end- would that mean ICE vehicles were unsafe?

What CR did was part of LICE campaign to stop a safety improvement that is greater than all prior auto safety features combined and will save millions of lives every year.- remember they don’t want to delay it (which would cost a of lives) they want to outright stop it outright, delay is just a pretense. Also I don’t think even if they tried any of them would have been able to come up with their own working system but they don’t want this stuff because robo taxies mean a huge hit to production revenue. What they have now is less functional than what Tesla had with the original Mobile Eye systems going back to 2014 and its all geo fenced to very limited segments of highway and none of it runs off highways save for Waymo or some Chinese players. But Waymo’s stuff is geofenced and even in its own geofenced Phoenix isn’t as efficient as Tesla’s FSD beta And Waymo non attended model is really attended by vicarious humans remotely piloting round the edge cases so its not really full self driving- hence he Waymo CEO quit… And Mobile Eye quit itself and sold out to Intel when Tesla left Mobile Eye. And we all know how Intel has been doing.

Follow up on the prior post:

Oh so now we know what is up with Consumer Reports sponsored level of conflict of interest- it is run by the head of the Ford Foundation which explains the bs from the Ford CEO trying to cite the CR FUD in a tweet. Still don’t know why CR didn’t film themselves stuffing a hankie in the orifice of a half full F150 and lighting it to make a ICE Molotov because that would have been easier than trying to defeat autopilot safety measures but even in there jack ass demonstration AP was still keeping in lanes going a safe speed. But there is the core conflict of interest- Ford Foundation head runs it. Ford is one of these companies that puts skinny tires on a 5k lbs EV its Mustange Mach E and then has to put about 100kwh of cells in (same as top Model S) just to get into the lower level of range but suffers more than that in weight (get less bang out of the cells Ford has access to) and it is still not enough to get range so it has to go to skinny tires and testing at different times with different tires to conflate the results forcing buyers to choose between traction-safety-performance and range- Porsche and VW do this but conflate further by citing the unrealistic WLTP (which only bases Tesla on scores.) After the brake incident in in China I think Tesla or others should take a look at how quick the skinny tires Mustangs can really stop.
It is important to remember I think that it was Ford and BMW that were facing injunctions around the world for cars that would spontaneously combust in parking lots after they were turned off and the owners had walked away- and my guess is it has been these two that push the fire narrative on Tesla to drown out their own ICE issues.

In term of shilling one in particular was disappointing but not completely. Byjorn Nyland seems like he does generally pretty good stuff but he did some Taycan reviews on range where I think he dropped clues to help us read between the lines. It starts off with the Taycan dash screen reading a different charge state than the console screen (odd right?) later he notes the car isn’t quite tracking kilometers correctly with its digital odometer (odd again right?) then somehow the weight station is broke (really odd right because that is crucial- how do we know the car hasn’t been stripped) then it just so happens he runs the test on a 80 degree F day in Norway (really odd right?) then of course it is un updated car like a year later (it has a much bigger battery pack not odd but can’t undo the early tests as its deck stacking can’t infer the range backward from a bigger heavier pack- no scale test remember can’t confer credit backwards) then its running on skinny tires (not the tires anyone would run on a Porsche right because it shows the Taycan isn’t efficient enough to have performance and range at the same time can’t infer it both was with the level of VW tech like you can with Tesla.) And so it starts to seem deck stacked to the hypermiling level then see Porsche giving Bjorn the wine and dine treatment- there is a special event just from him on a special track with a bunch of Porsches and Porsche drivers and all flavors of Taycan- its a full on Bjorn salute by Porsche. But back again on the weight- Bjorn says the car is quiet but then points to super thick glass being added (hint the car is heavy right or not stripped?? but also maybe a hint the car is not lighter than expected and is still heavier even if stripped?) Then Borjn says the Taycan is rattling and references Tesla ( a knock on Porsches claimed quality hidden in a Tesla jab for Tesla Bjorn.) So I think Porsche knowing it would fail in certain ways spent time trying to cultivate a strategic shill (share price rides on this kind of placating string along for dishonest companies) so they tried to make him one wittingly or unwittingly like Tesla Kim worked for BP or something like that and then at the strategic shill point became all pro Nikola which of course backfired. But I think Bjorn outted them. Laughed at them when attributed the range difference in what amounted to a rigged test to them having supposedly put the wrong tires on the car to begin with (there was no accident there- not plausible) My guess was this was non stock stripped down weight reduced car on skinny non-performance tires with a spiked battery (they lose more money on that and it hurts performance with weight) designed to try to retro-actively misrepresent stats for face saving and stock puffing. But now that you can only charge at 200kwh not the advertised 350kwh if you want to save the battery you’d be back to square one on range issues even if there were an improvement in range.

I didn’t mention VW is in the process of spinning Porsche off (dumping it)- maybe that hit to battery tech is part of it or maybe it is about Porsche getting outsold by Tesla in Germany or maybe it is because knuckleheads at Porsche want to do dirtier than than long tail pipe scam hydrogen (blue) syn-fuel. Mercedes which apparently isn’t doing all that well with its EQS (as it doesn’t have interest sufficient to justify a coup or convertible which are obligatory for a S class replacement) possibly because its battery will only have 50% range at 155k miles (in the fine print) when Tesla is hitting a million plus miles. Also Mercedes is dumping its truck division possibly because there are people there that think hydrogen trucks (Diesel Gate II because they are so dirty 3x the natural gas etc,) are acceptable and not utter unviable garbage. Right now the environment groups in the EU are walking out of meeting to classify energy sources in the EU because the fraud in the EU is trying to classify natural gas as clean and bunker gas ships as exempt- same thing is happening in the US. The one thing about fossil fuels is without being able to lie and bribe and gerrymander it can’t survive- pure corruption and criminality. But a good thing just happened in that shorts are starting to sue banks like UBI that recommend shorting green like Tesla.
Suit in the US where a whole family of people is suing UBI for recommending shorting Tesla.

Update in follow up to Tesla earnings call is its quite apparent that the people who put money in the natural gas scam are all pissed off that Tesla means no natural gas not more corporate welfare and bilking of pensions and every kind of insurance pool for more fraudulent natural gas ‘profits.’ Honda’s new CEO appears to have his head up his ass with talk of Honda being 40% BEV by 2030 and maybe 100% BEV by 2040 with asterisks for some of that being HEV (natural gas scam.) Nope, really surprised if Honda can make it through 2023 without being majority BEV and any company that has any hydrogen scam involvement or synfuel (more scam) at tis point is marked for total destruction.