Librem 5, or should I say SAFE Phone! Crowd funding now

An open source (Debian based) , secure, privacy by default, open platform phone…


  • Does not run Google Android
  • Does not run Apple iOS
  • Runs PureOS by default, can run most GNU+Linux distributions
  • World’s first ever IP-native mobile handset
  • End-to-end decentralized communications via Matrix
  • 5″ screen
  • Security focused by design
  • Privacy protection by default
  • Works with 2G/3G/4G, GSM, UMTS, and LTE networks
  • CPU separate from Baseband
  • Hardware Kill Switches for Camera, Microphone, WiFi/Bluetooth, and Baseband

Crowdfund page:


I’m a little puzzled why these people have bitcoin as payment option, but somehow they choose or maybe even worse are unaware of an ICO model? A Librem token could also help them with future hardware development.

A Librem token could enable them to completely roll out their hardware. They could even offer it up for free and monetize their hardware by farming on the SAFE Network or charge $599 and let their users farm SAFEcoin. The Web Hosting Manager could enable them to store users data directly on the SAFE Network, I can go on forever…

And it’s more than obvious that this is a SAFE phone, so why are these sims disconnected?

(I wouldn’t do this anymore, but anyway I shot them an email, because there is nothing worse than a waste opportunity). :stuck_out_tongue:

I like this quote

“It should be our choice on which data we choose to make public. Lack of
awareness or understanding of our digital footprint and having others’
benefit from it should not be the norm. Tools, like Librem products and
PureOS, are vital to help us manage without needing to become
—Helen Vasilevski, Board Member

You could include SAFE into that list

The one thing I don’t like about this phone, I have to wait for it to be developed. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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How about a SAFEnet terminal, only runs SAFE, tightly controlled I/O, and tons of TB :grin:

One possible way to do this is a derivative of Linux (a couple mentioned in other topics) and run that. There is your terminal.

Someone has plans for a router with SAFE installed, they already have the hardware prototyped (cannot find link at the moment). While not a terminal it is a dedicated vault and broadband router to boot.

You could have a DVD/USB stick with a bootable Linux OS that has all the SAFE software preloaded and turn nearly any suitable PC into a dedicated terminal. :slight_smile:

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How very…disruptive :smiling_imp:

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Linux FTW! In fact, I’m not buying a new phone until I can get one that functions as a proper computer. The power is there, if it were just let free. I’ve extended the life of my old phone (actually somebody else’s even older phone) by installing LineageOS ( for now.


Really cool , I didn’t watched Purism for awhile now and amazing to see them survive …

Yesterday I stumbled on this phone from John McAfee… Early 2018 v2.0

copy/paste body no more similar

Are you in the UK Ron?

Nope, tulips and wooden shoes…:wink:

Ah sorry, your posts looked very similar to those of a guy I knew, and with the same name I was convinced lol.

Interview with the founder/CEO Todd Weaver:


Purism and KDE to Work Together on World’s First Truly Free Smartphone

Plasma Mobile
Berlin/San Francisco, September 14, 2017

Purism and KDE are partnering to help KDE adapt Plasma Mobile to Purism’s Librem 5 smartphone.
KDE develops Plasma Mobile, a free, open and full-featured graphical environment for mobile devices. Plasma Mobile has been tested on several off-the-shelf devices. However, most smartphones include hardware that requires proprietary software to work. This clashes with KDE’s principles of freedom and openness. It also makes building difficult, since many details of the hardware are kept secret, preventing complete access to all the components.


New hardware report!

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Could this change their mind? make a type of purism android?