Librem 13: A Laptop That Respects Your Rights... apparently

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1700 dollars for a shitty specs. This is like Apple but with opensource. Rip off.

Edited: Silent Circle released a new phone, and it is almost fast as that OS laptop, and cheaper! Now that’s pathetic.


From their photos it looks like it is just running Linux mint (might be a fork of cinnamon), but I will give them that it does look fancy.

I think it is great to see routes towards free open source systems that support privacy, security and freedom out of the box. As with Apple, there is a cost to providing something like this, and this is early days. Projects like this help raise awareness as well as helping early adopters who aren’t tech savvy - or like most of us simply don’t have the time.

I don’t think the spec is that bad either, but let’s not get into a flame war over that :-). Yes, you’re paying a premium in USD, but saving in other ways that are both difficult to calculate and incalculable!


I don´t really see how this is much better than a Linux laptop (maybe the hardware communications switch, but meh).

Anyway, I think this is a great example how SAFE could stir up some buzz and potentially fundraising some money. One could crowdfund money for the development of SAFE OS, a linux distro that is preconfigured for the use of SAFE and preinstalled on a computer that is specifically designed for that use.

Even if it fails to reach the target goal, it can raise substantial funds as we can see from that (sorry: shitty) example and it may be used to propagate the SAFE software without that OS


Librem recently announced they were offering QubesOS as an option to be pre-installed. My 4 year old macbook air is really sluggish at this point and with the recent uptick in bitcoin price, I decided to order one. Crowdsupply will send you a bitcoin invoice to pay if you email them. I’m really looking forward to testing SAFE on Qubes!


And Joanna Rotkowska uses an 8GB Librem 13 with QubesOS:



Nice if you can afford it…similar to wholesome food.
Unfortunately, I’ll have to stick with the Privacy Pot Noodle… :smiley:


Actually it’s good for you, too. I know a little of the backstory of the librem laptops, and because of the way that they went about doing things and they fact that they distributed their source code & schematics, now others are able to make this laptop, and variants of it, too. See, electronics get much cheaper, the more units are made per batch. the first unit might cost you one hundred thousand dollars, and the next 999 might actually cost… a hundred thousand dollars. So, no matter how the Librem 13 and 15 play out, you’ll benefit. One day, you’ll buy the privacy cadillac for the cost of the privacy pot noodle.


Can you use Librem13-Qubes-Torbrowser-Tornetwork with SAFE?

If so then it seems right down to the browser there is reasonable security for world changing stuff, assuming you’re also a security expert and understand what’s arrayed against you.

I understand you might not need or want the Tor network, but what is the security equivalent replacement for the Tor browser (which is wed if I understand correctly to the tor network)?

To me the most important use case is the Wikileaks type use case (but without press involvement or vetting as that’s ridiculous,) that’s the test. There is so much the world obviously needs to know now that it doesn’t.

Qubes is a pretty neat OS. I do wish I could run OSX inside of it, though…

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Surfing Twitter I’ve seen you have your purism laptop but didn’t looked for the date…
So how long do you have it now ? I wanted to buy one some time ago but didn’t do it yet… Are you using it as your daily work laptop ?
Can you share some experience ? Gpu, PCI device selection, speed, Ubuntu, safe, qubes os in general … it looks really cool but is it usable daily laptop that what interests me

Thanks and greets @ioptio

I don’t own one, it’s a bit pricey for me at the moment. That said, I’ve had about a billion tweetchats with the manufacturer, and they seem quite legit.


If you were the NSA or GCHQ (their UK appendage), what better place could you have to hide your backdoors than an apparently privacy-oriented laptop? On the face of it, its users have more interesting things to find out.

I think I’ll stick to my plain old Toshiba and Dell, of which there are millions, used by a wide range of ordinary people, and therefore a much bigger search space.

I’ve had it since Feb/March this year. I use it as my daily computer and it works ok. I’m kind of a patient person when it comes to tech so that’s not a good standard for most. I haven’t been able to figure out how to work the web cam and the trackpad is extremely sensitive. There’s a small chance that I just need to fiddle around more with Qubes to detect the web cam and trackpad settings but I’ve basically settled for using my old macbook for webcam stuff… since I keep it around for Photoshop/Illustrator anyways. Also, the audio output is weird, it doesn’t work until I plug/unplug headphones.

The screws on the bottom of the laptop come loose quite frequently too.

Most of this I can put up with particularly because these are first generation laptops built by a small team and they’re bound to have some quirks… but what really gets me is the business itself. They’ve started producing new hardware (Librem 10) because their customers asked for a cheaper laptop but have extremely terrible customer support. I’ve emailed them a couple times with questions without any response and theres several posts on their forum complaining about similar experiences… even a few people who were looking into legal repercussions because they wanted their money back and the Purism team wasn’t responding. Their current goals seem to focus around attaining new customers instead of supporting existing ones.

I’ve exchanged some words with Purism twitter account person which you might find entertaining to read but I won’t link to it here. :slight_smile:

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Maybe I buy one later if I have the money. The concept is cool but the support and quality on/of their products is important if spending money so I’ll follow it up awhile I think.
Qubes R2 R3.0 R3.1 installs on my alienware R2 laptop but after first run and sometimes even earlier it crashes on install/boot… maybe crossfire or something else, I dunno exactly… You really have to follow the supported hardware list if buying something else than a purism but won’t have the open hardware then and I don’t like half working/running devices…

All by all we all have good faith in a nice future with a open standard for hardware with those upcoming projects.
Although it won’t be easy as we think like we could read from last weeks post by @dirvine… hidden on-chip logics … whuf :scream: