Libre router project

I just came across this while reading on Twitter. I know nothing about it but it seems interesting.


Pretty cool but I do wonder what the broadcast radius of such a mesh router is. If the distance is too short it will take a lot of devices to cover some distance, and weak links or offline status could more easily affect the mesh networks up state.

Not related to mesh network, but if you have an (old) router then you can also see if dd-wrt or OpenWrt is compatible with the device to upgrade it to opensource firmware. Not only does it get more frequent software updates for security, it often comes with a ton more features than the manufactures put into them. Like out-of-box repeater if not available, etc.


I believe @Southside has some experience with and knowledge of mesh routers. True?

Those are what I try to use, but finding a new router that can be flashed can be difficult. Iā€™m looking at these now:

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