Lets rebrand to rid the MAID :)

WHY in Odin’s Green Earth does this KEEP coming up???
The Company’s name is not all that important, the Network IS the PRODUCT!!
Lets take Skittles, that’s the product, it’s pretty popular, but who the fract makes it…who cares!
They are fruity good candies, that’s all that’s important.
Or lets take Ubuntu, now Linux geeks know who makes it, but if you poll some people who’ve heard of it and even know that’s it’s Linux, they probably won’t know the company name behind it.
Another one that everyone probably uses at least once a month, Q-Tips, does ANYONE know who makes them? I had to go look at my box.

Company names are NOT all that important!!


I propose the name “Enfin” which is French for “Finally”.
And here is for the motto: “Enfin, the long expected internet like it was ment to be”

It won’t take long for that one to be corrupted to “effin”, English for . . .

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One needs to hear how Maid and MaidSafe branding sounds when used in a typical sentence with a Scottish accent. When I started reading about the project several months back it sounded a wee bit odd to an American ear at first (because my pronunciation was off)… but the truth is that it is absolutely perfect as is.


“I can’t believe it’s not blockchain”. ?



I didn’t have time to give a detailed reply, and i feel like all i need to say about the importance of marketing and price performance/ranking etc is in my other thread now:

Other than that, please realise peer reviewed research papers done by good scientists are much less likely(though still can, that’s just life) be subject to individual biases than a mum living her life.

Why don’t you present some peer reviewed papers then? :thinking::hushed: Instead of presenting your opinion as ‘facts’ without reference… (and linking a topic that would take the reader years to consume [and the topic doesn’t present a solution in the end - you yourself called it a waste of time!])


Did you not see the links? You can Google yourself “Are brand names important” see the results yourself.

No person is saying a brand is not important. Put up any and critique it all day if you like, that is easy and simple to do.

It is like your real name, it will be what you make of it and that is about that. Do right and be seen as good, do wrong and be remembered for that (facebook right now are realising this for instance), one may be more famous than the other, but the affiliation will exist, so just do a good job and the rest will fall into place. Stay consistent and clear as possible in messaging and brand recognition and most importantly do well. It is that simple and you do not need a marketing degree to know that.


“MISA” - pronounced like “Pisa”

Aside from brand names, I thought I’d also raise a niggling concern I’ve had at the back of my mind every time I see the penrose triangle logo about possible connotations around symbolism. Apologies in advance for potentially giving everyone a horribly negative idea considering the hard work that goes into coming up with what I think is an otherwise elegant and quirky design. I understand the penrose “impossible” triangle symbolism, and I’ve also seen some people on here use a trifecta set of interlocking triangles which I think in Norse traditions represents family. All good stuff. My concern is more about how ‘some people’ perhaps critical of the safe network could potentially smear the brand through negative associations, however wrong or tenuous. From wikileaks I recently became aware of the symbols that paedophiles apparently use, as shown in the wikileaks link to the FBI document attached. I agree, its a tenuous likeness with the penrose triangle, but can imagine some people who may be set on rubbishing the network, could easily over emphasise a likeness in connection regardless that its not true and potentially leave enough doubt in normal peoples minds to run a mile away from the safe network. https://wikileaks.org/wiki/File:FBI-pedophile-symbols-page1.jpg

Well it’s possible I suppose, but the Penrose triangle is quite well known, certainly better known the symbols you link to - not that this makes much difference if someone is determined to bend the truth. I’m sure attacks that are far more devious in nature will be forthcoming once the network takes off though.


Your right. I’m just offering the concern for wider consideration from a marketing and legal risk point of view. At least if everyone is aware of such a risk (severity * likelihood), then steps can be taken in advance to mitigate against them to prevent or at least reduce the impact should such a possibly highly unlikely scenario occur. In no way do I wish to cause any offence by raising it. My only concern here is in helping with the success of the network. From my perspective it seems that authorities tend to use slander and create fear in the community to then justify creeping new laws to further erode rights to privacy etc. However, jurisdictional authority ends at the border, where the network would be ‘universal’ outside of jurisdictional control. We appear to be living in strange times given the recent highly questionable behaviour of many governments on various fronts. It seems authorities are feeling very threatened of losing control of the narrative they sell to the ordinary public. Fear of the public perhaps finding out what they’ve really been up to. Using such a tamper proof network to freely share information and economic benefits outwith their control. I imagine the network will find itself a huge target by a corrupt few who would use every possible devious tactic at their disposal to bring it down.