Let's put this video on Maidsafe.net!

I think this video is really good, of course it may not be the best but at least explains maidsafe much better and much more thoroughly than current ones I can find on the maidsafe official YouTube channel. I’m very curious actually as to why it’s no longer on YouTube but only found on the Chinese version of Youtube now?

We should seriously put this video on maidsafe.net so new people who come to the website, after watching the video, can immediately understand most of what safenetwork is trying to do and how it does it on the technical level.



It doesn’t play for me.


It requires Flashplayer - you may need to enable it first (I did)

It was there before (and there is also a shorter version that runs for about 5 minutes) but some of the information is now out of date (talks about the MaidSafe system…etc…when we’re trying to shift focus away from the company and onto the SAFE Network for example). Also, looking at statistics that calculate users attention spans (there are plenty available), you see some pretty big drop offs typically after about 2mins 30 secs. As a result newer videos are broken into more byte sized chunks.

Which specific aspects of the video appealed to you?


Well for any person who want a very detail description of the network i think the long video is definitely better. as it addresses technically how safenetwork works in more detail. That’s what i like about it. The current short version isn’t really appealing, at least.

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I guess, they really like cookies…

It requires Flashplayer - you may need to enable it first (I did)


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LOL yeah you kinda need to enable cookies and get flash player. They’re a very legit site though so dw :slight_smile:

I think its a great video…:+1:t2:


It’s still on YouTube, but it’s unlisted (only people with the link can see it). I just updated your post with a link to the YouTube video, that way people don’t need to enable Flash to see it :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you make it listed please :slight_smile: you can add a bracket to describe it as the older version of the video and add in description some elements no longer applies but this is the general idea

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