Let's not forget the weekly updates

The weekly Thursday updates were a good habit. Let’s not lose it.


first first!


I agree, but not as they were. Literally nothing but a listing all the Fleming testnets with ‘active’ or ‘complete’, and a link to the testnet post, because: testnets or weekly updates? :thinking:


This Thursday we didn’t get an update, and we didn’t get a testnet. We should get one or the other. :racehorse:

Let’s replace with a dynamic gantt chart and progress report.

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Weekly updates are for those passively monitoring projects progress too. I think they are a good thing always, even if it just links to test net with some commentary.

It doesn’t need to be war and peace, but it is good to keep consistent communications.


Gies peace FFS.


My opinion: quick testnet iterations do not leave time for weekly updates. They are quick because testnets both revealed and still contains many critical bugs. When testnet will be able to survive for a week without data loss, iterations may become more sparse and regular.


Exactly this. The inhabitants of this forum are generally pretty clued-up people - I hesitate to apply the term “intelligent”.

Some things should be bleeding obvious…


This is the case. We are iterating very quickly and spare time is actually in bgf ideas, recruitment and maid/snt/dbc etc. pushing all those as quickly as possible. So the idea right now is a haze of work. In a 5 minute period, for instance, I could be answering questions or proposing ideas in any of these areas, but 95% plus is all simplifying algorithms, reducing messages, confirming data consistency and security etc. Many of us like that and a lot of the team dead focussed on implementing the bug/fix/solution.

I anticipate this haze to last another few weeks and settle to a place where we can say, hey look stability, security and simplicity. So now we can document this stuff, explain it easily and again have dev updates we can all understand.

The dev updates will change though, from quite technical to rather technically boring (mostly, we will still bore folk a wee bit :wink: ) . The excitement will move to onboarding, UX, reaching out, messaging, interviews, maid->SNT, SNT->Fiat bridges (if possible), gui apps, portable app, hardware wallets, multisig (threshold sig) and importantly explaining the API with examples. So things like here’s an NFT platform, browser, safe filesystem, safe login (where your computer desktop/home dir is all on Safe) and many more such things. That is the short term target, but we hope to get there very fast.


And every minute that David has to take out to respond to the bleeding obvious is a minute wasted


Gonna agree with @Vort here. I imagine, even if the dev updates were being released as usual right now, it’d be a little nuts. If things were changing quickly before, they seem to be in maximum-overdrive right now. Keeping track of all the changes and announcing them as they come would probably just be confusing at this point anyway.

I’m personally cool with letting the team iterate at their own pace for a while and sitting back until things calm down, instead of trying to follow every little nuanced shift. I don’t doubt dev updates will resume when things cool off.


I wouldn’t expect any updates to be detailed. A simple summary and an link to the last/current test net would be sufficient.

Some folks don’t follow the forum. They will just check in on the update now and again. When this regular summary goes missing, they may wonder what is going on. The absence of this post may make casual followers think there is a lack of progress.

No need for war and peace. Just a 5 minute post and a link to the meat in the test net post.

Anyway, I’ve said my piece. I wouldn’t want it to slow anyone down, but appearances are important. Perception is reality, to quote an old friend of mine.


I really dont want that team waste their time for writing.

The weekly updates is some kinds of service for holders, team should focus on testnet and launching after public testnet phase.

It is the most fastest way to get value.


Releasing a Weekly Dev Update nowadays is like trying to take a snapshot over 2-3 hours and then pretending it is a valid data point for that entire week. Insanity and a criminal waste of valuable dev time.

As stated above by various folks, Weekly Updates will doubtless continue in some form when the pace slows down somewhat. If you are that concerned about what is going on, read the forum.


I’m glad this is being considered and acknowledged. I know some of us have a tendency to be dismissive of the overzealous speculative buzz but the NFT craze, as much as it is currently a craze, is actually very important and disruptive in a good way, I believe.

Kevin Smith, one of my favorite directors did a video with Bitboy crypto (cringe) but being Kevin Smith I had to watch. Top Hollywood Director Revolutionizing Crypto in 2021 (NFT Studio & Movie!) - YouTube
Kevin gets it and already has innovative ideas that are really exciting like randomly mixing in platinum NFT’s like a chance to cameo in his next movie into small average NFT purchases. It’s like a Willy wonka bar purchase with the golden ticket. Very neat stuff. The obvious % royalty on resale of your NFT is great for artists as well.

There’s so much flexibility and possibilities within the NFT/collectibles/exclusivity market.
Add in the DBC stuff on top and it could be an entirely new level of flexibility and possibility.


Weekly updates can be on-liners, or tweet-size. They served as the “pulse” of the project. I missed the pulse this Thursday.


Thanks for the long detailed answer. Your time is always valuable and important.