Lets make this go to top of Hacker News!

Yes and to be honest I’ve suggested several times this community should create a private section just for this sort of thing. It’s basically been ignored. There is social media organiser section on this forum for people with that fancy title to be able to access, which apparently I’m supposed to be a part of. I still have no idea what that even means, what responsibilitys I have, what I can and can’t do etc.
I think I posted once or twice in that area of the forum and again it was ignored in a round about way.
Unfortunately since the marketing team departed some time back there has been zero leadership in this area.


What you say is true, but not necessarily bad! :dragon:

The fact that there is no central organization allows us to test different things and fail in small ways and learn and if they do not work only one person has lost his time.

Therefore I personally believe that things can happen as follows:

  • you believe that something will be useful
  • you post a topic in the forum
  • you start doing what you suggested
  • you post a weekly report on what you’ve done
  • people who like your work join you :heart:

As an example, see @dirvine who worked on SAFE alone in the early years of the project…

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I am totally okay with docs getting outdated anyways tbh, if it helps enable MaidSafe to move faster together I am okay for a few months of outdated info, but eventually when something is concrete and settled it should be documented and places edited. Keeping docs in sync with a fast moving team is a real pain in the butt, as an software dev myself I HATE documentation and the time it distracts me from actually making cool stuff heh.


If my memory doesn’t fail me, the primer wasn’t made by the Maidsafe team, it was actually put together by the community. I don’t remember who was involved with it.


As long as the docs are approximately right, they are useful. Don’t sweat the small stuff, as the saying goes.

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@JPL was the main writer and great job he did


Honestly, I don’t expect anything short of beta to move the needles much. Not trying to be critical, just a realist…but progress updates on a 14 year old project don’t inspire much FOMO.

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There used to be another great doc written by @mav called “MaidSafe and the safe network explained using bitcoin terminology” which was a great way for onboarding users from the blockchain world as it used parallelisms to concisely address the burning questions that they might have.
Now the github page simply redirects to the primer… but it used to be one of my favourite resources to share.


It’s on github somewhere, IIRC.

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Pretty sure @mav took it down because it was out of date


Maybe we could update it?

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Partly this, but as @Josh quotes mainly I took it down because it seemed best (especially for new users) to have an authoritative point of reference, ie the primer. I remember distinctly the confusion I had when I first started out here finding so many conflicting and ‘rare hard to find’ documentations on the project, many of which have since been tidied up. And the primer is an excellent resource.

Reading through it doesn’t seem out of date to me. There’s still an archive copy from when it I redirected if you still like to share it: SAFE Network explained using bitcoin terminology


Do you all really not see this as spam? You’re trying to artificially promote a post whose purpose is creating hype around an upcoming but currently unusable network+currency. That’s ridiculously spammy.

I have a lot of respect for this project and community, but honestly the marketing has been consistently dire from the beginning. If people want an update on the state of the project, they’ll come to this forum and read the dev updates, or if they want a simpler overview, they’ll read the official ‘roadmap’ and lose all hope of finding a parsable overview.


Hey friend thank you for sharing your opinion :dragon:

I do not agree with your point of view because when people are passionate about something, they talk about it. The idea that anyone who is interested will find information on their own is wrong…

Because there is a huge amount of useless noise in the world and passionate people who are ready to shout about something they believe in are a good filter to find valuable information.

So, I urge anyone who believes in the idea of SAFE and what it can bring to the world to scream as much as they can. There will always be people who criticize, but that shouldn’t stop us from trying to make the world a better place by showing new people SAFE! :dragon:


I don’t have admin access or the kind of access I need to be able to do what I suggested in that section of the forum. Like I say I do not even know what that fancy title even means which probably goes to show some of what I’m saying.

Correct. How else will people hear about SAFE unless we tell them?


I’m sorry I wasn’t clear, friend. I wanted to say that if in the Social Media section no one got involved with your idea it’s up to you to start acting on it. You do this as you post a topic in the appropriate category in the general part of the forum :dragon:

The forum software supports individual groups. When you are added to a group, the group name is added to your name (I think so).

So this is the name of the group in which we have gathered people who have shown an active desire to promote SAFE.

This is an informal group. Nothing fancy. Just people on the internet fighting for a better future they believe in :dragon:

Everyone is free to propose and try things and discuss them with the others. If they have something to add, they do. Don’t let the fact that you don’t have feedback stop you. Just do it. :dragon:


One more thing to add, friend. SAFE is free to use and the code is open source. In the same way as Firefox is open source and free to use, but behind it there are money. In the same way Safecoin will allow the network to be free to use for all mankind! :dragon:

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How else will people hear about SAFE unless we tell them?

  1. Release functional network
  2. If it’s as good as claimed, word of mouth will spread it like wildfire

For an unreleased project, it doesn’t make sense to try to appeal to the masses.


We are not trying to appeal to the masses here, we are trying to raise awareness amongst crypto/privacy devs/geeks. Potential active supporters and hopefully contributors. The masses will come later (said the lazy priest)