Let's help the core development team to be faster!

I started to have comfortable environment now and I started trying to help in my way. Even if it’s not open I think it’s good that everyone can help. Everyone can post issue on github. And tell their finding and pinpoint where the problem are. It’s not a place to ask question but find a solution.

It’s hard finding the problem and to find a solution but that can help the core developer having more time to the development for the SAFE Network. And it’s a good way to start learning how it work.

I suggest that everyone willing to give it a try to do it. It take me time to learn and now I have a good basic on how it work in the sources.

Even without knowing how to find the solution or fix the issue everyone can pinpoint the problem and help the core developer to find the solution.

I invite everyone to join the bounty bug for the project to be finish more quickly. I do this because I want to learn and I want the SAFE Project to advance more faster.

Let’s give you a good startup.
safe_client is the authentication entry point for the client side app. (Soon be replaced be the Launcher)
safe_nfs is for the network file system
safe_dns you know what is it.
safe_ffi it’s like a higher level lib that connect both of the last 3 together. This one it’s not really important in the sense it have very little issue.
routing, it’s the one that connect between XOR address
crust, it’s the one that connect between IP to IP address

The two last it’s the most important one for me. And they are the one that need to be the most stable at all cost.

An example is here.
safe_client need routing
routing need crust

Almost everything need routing first and this one need crust.

I may be not accurate here and some correction may be needed.

Last more thing, don’t ask question on github, it’s not the place. Ask question here in this forum (with a specific subject) or on this topic if you need help on how you can help or to make you better to help. Me or other can help you to be better to help.

Sorry my english.



Would prolly just mention, we definitely intend to have this lib maintained and supported. It’s something we already use from safe_firefox_addon and dns_example with the list prolly only growing longer in the future. As for it’s description it's the ffi(foreign functions interface) module to the SAFE network RUST libs. Thats why you find it connected to all client side libs.

This too while acceptable without the launcher would become invalid after. safe_client has been too generic a name that made everyone assume it’s the entry point for all client side apps / app devs looking to start with the network. Ideally it’d be something along the lines of interfacing with the launcher to authenticate your own app and then picking the module that relates to your app say nfs or messaging or so on … The current client module in this sort of case would almost be ignored unless someone is actually interested in self_authentication. This is also why we’re looking at renaming the safe_client module to a more appropriate name as indicated in last week’s dev update