Let's have PARSEC covered by Jackson Palmer


Jackson Palmer (creator of DogeCoin) has a youtube channel where he covers cryptocurrencies in general with an emphasis on the tech behind it. I find his short clips rather neat and well-researched. He seems to have a particular interest in consensus protocols and has in the past covered:




He generally makes these videos in response to popular request.
So why not PARSEC next? :slight_smile: I don’t think it will need much asking.
It is something that is right up his alley.


You know that Jackson Palmer is already aware of Parsec?
Below a link to some tweets from a while ago, where he doesn’t seem convinced yet:


wasn’t aware that he is aware, thanks. Yep, doesn’t sound like he is convinced. At least until there is code that proves it works. Which is fine, there will be soon enough :slight_smile:


I may have his email or other contact details, he is a fellow Aussie and I spoke to him a couple of times, let me check.

Edit: found it.

Whether he uses that email or not I dont know. But we can always try.

I’ll DM you.