Let's Create The First SAFE Web!

Yay! count me in!
I will post a static site.


OK my HTML is ready. It’s very basic. There’s some words, some links, and a picture! That shouldn’t blow up the system. Do I send this to someone now?


Count me in to be a “Builders of the first SAFE Web” I will start with a home page.


For this basic is good - its being one of the first that counts :-). I might dig out my earliest website from the www and put that up. Shame I haven’t got my first homepage ever tho!

Hang on to your stuff for now. The idea is for everyone to upload the website using their own SAFE connection, which we’ll help with, but if that proves difficult we’ll get all these sites up there somehow! :smile:

Thanks everyone for such a brilliant response. I think MaidSafe are close to getting this going - some bugs still to be squashed, so fingers crossed.


Has it been decided on what type of DNS that will be used?

I want to make a homepage. :smile:

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It uses the Decentralised Naming System bij Maidsafe. So people need a plugin for their browser and SAFE up and running to get these websites. Over time we might see that the client has it’s own browser.



I hereby confidently predict that within days [grin] The First SAFE Web will be ready for our websites, but will our websites be ready for it!?

Why the confidence? See:

So, who is ready now with something to upload (anything web will do)? Please respond and I’ll update the OP to show who has their page or websites ready to go.

And if anyone not listed wants to join us, and be one of the first websites ever on SAFEnetwork, shout “add me please” and if you can, tell me what you have in mind so I can include that.

All the best, let’s do this!


so SAFE beta will be released soon?


You know as much as I do.

As soon as the bugs in crust are fixed (looking good) and routing which seems to have deviated a bit into more state than it should have then the network should be up and running. Not feature complete as that is a sprint away (maybe 2) but up and running. So the beta testing will begin then. I would hope this week will see that status, but we will soon see, bugs are by definition unknown time to fix, but I would hope this week. Basically as we have said the end of last sprint is network running and everyone connecting from home computers etc. to create apps against the API.

Lets hope the Engineers pull it over the line in the next few days, gonna be a hard week, I am heading back to dev for this week to help out where I can as well, which means missing out developing the business/community a wee but, but priority is network up so it has to be :slight_smile: Who said it was easy :wink:


hope you guys will solve it asap, happy to hear you-the boss will develop with them, you guys will fix the bugs very soon


We will have a basic metame static site ready to roll!


I have had plenty of sites in the past, about a dozen different blogs, webcomic, video review website, written review website, satire/humor conspiracy site, greyhound racing directory, t-shirt website and i’d love to do something like this.

My next project depending on funds/time etc. will either be a podcast site, web battle page or a seniors citizens web directory.

We should have a designer put together some buttons for us that tells users “This website is SAFE” as will as indexing all other sites. The problem with linking to other sites is it can look spammy.

Here is a crappy looking button to get the idea out of my head. I am not a designer, please dont lol


If someone would like to create a small logo for this I can include it in the webring header code - so make it so it will display well in a smallish horizontal banner. The one @goindeep created will do if not, but will look a bit squashed in a site header across the top of the page.

As an incentive, I’ll add a credit (tooltip) and a link to the SAFE website of the creator!


Please almighty flying spaghetti monster nooooo! That looks terrible. I am certain we have some designers with a spare 20 minutes to put something nice together.

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Well, there’s another incentive. Unless someone does it better I’ll inflict the design skills of @goindeep on the First SAFE Web… could you live with yourself if you let that happen? [points]

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@happybeing I can put something together before my wife demands I come out of my garage den :smile:


OK, what the hell BRING IT ON

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@m3data great, as soon as you have something ready to go I’ll mark you up as READY in the OP.

Wait, you have a garage and a den…? Niiiiiice.