Let's Create The First SAFE Web!

Any static site generator should work, right?

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I think so. if you get html/js as a result you should be sorted.


A small niche network to me is a fail when you consider the intended goal. Yes, technically it can still work with as few as a handful of nodes on a single machine. :relaxed:

lalala - my “website” is ready - you can release now @dirvine :grin:

made a *.gif with gimp and will use that with the safe template :innocent:
…told you crappy xD … not a singled line of html :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::blush:

ps: but made with love :heart_eyes:


Crap i have music on my site :frowning: and its hosted on a WWW site Help!

Anyone want to try building a little web App for the test networks? This would be fun, and pretty easy I think:

For anyone wanting to join the SAFE Webring I’ve updated the posts above with the correct DNS entries:

You will need to PM me your SAFE website URL after you have uploaded it so I can add it to the webring.js file.

I’ve no clue how to set up a web page but I’d love to try it. Will there be a template at some stage? Basic and simple just to get on the road. :grinning:

How do you make a website with the url “username.safenet”? In the Maidsafe Demo App>“Manage Websites and Files”>“Create service” I can only see the option http://< your service >.username.safenet.

EDIT: Use www in the “Your service”-field. Then the url will be username.safenet


I’m working on getting jujhar16.neocities.org onto the SAFE Network

Leave it blank maybe??

I can´t get past the Create service page unless I put something in the box.

Edit: Solution: Write www in the field and the page will load from username.safenet

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Pfft That website has no css

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aaannnnd now the safe proxy is down :frowning: So many problems, looking forward for the MVP

Is it just me? I haven’t been able to connect to a safesite all day. Restarted the launcher multiple times…

The network is up and fine (all day as far as I know).


When you want the attention of the world’s professional webmasters, posting to https://www.webmasterworld.com/home.htm might be worth considering… but beware, that used to be the largest forum on the web and perhaps still is; so, that might produce too many questions to handle easily without supporting documentation and depth in FAQs. I expect there you will find many with fond memories of the early web too.

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There’s one post regarding Maidsafe over there…skeptical bunch :slightly_smiling:


is there a way to block every body from accessing your safelink. unless you personally chose who can access with there public id.

Public is just that well public.

When private ID’s are included then I’d say you can with that.

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