Let's Create The First SAFE Web!

The Minimal Viable Product (MVP) version of SAFE Network is due before end February 2016 so…

Everyone Create A Simple Safe Homepage!!!

Hey, we should all create a homepage on SAFE, and we can link to each others pages as in the early days of the www - lots of sites joined “web rings”, so let’s do that! And someone will no doubt build an index page :smile:

Let’s Build It Together

For anyone unable to create a simple HTML page the community could volunteer to help, so everyone who wants to can join.

If you can help others to create and upload a simple HTML page or you plan to join in creating The First SAFE Web, let others know by replying to this topic.

Post below or PM me to be added to help needed/offered lists below, or edit these lists yourself - I’ve made this editable by anyone.

Help Needed

Helpers please feel free to contact any of these people to see if you can help:
@ fergish - help to build static page
DONE: happybeing - a logo and styling for inclusion in a footer, linking “previous” and “next” pages in “The First SAFE Web Ring”
@ mazide3 - help to build a static page
@Prescient1 - help creating web site
@ Safety1st - help building a home page / website
@mrlukeduke - help building and uploading a simple website
@Safety1st - help creating and uploading a simple website

Help Offered

@sprks - “me !! I have some time to give if I can be of service”
@et4te - “Feel free to add me to the helpers list”
@ Blindsite2k - Html, CSS and a bit of javascript. So a basic static site.
@HelpMe - “I’ll be happy to help… Help is all in my NAME … HTML Expert”
@whiteoutmashups - PM me and I’ll build your web page for you :slightly_smiling:
@ MarkH - Here to help :slight_smile:

Builders Of The First SAFE Web

@ fergish - homepage
@ Traktion - homepage
READY: @ Secretariat415 - homepage!
@ fox19891989 - btc gambling review site
@ betterthantrav - first SAFE Hamster Dance Site! :smile:
READY: @whiteoutmashups - not if I build it first!
READY: @ happybeing - I’ll build an index page (if @whiteoutmashups doesn’t do it first :smile: ).
@ 19eddyjohn75 - mysterious cool website
@ Tonda - welcome page that includes the most wanted apps by the current community
@ Msafe - deciding what to build
@ mazide3 - homepage
@sprks - homepage
READY: @Audity - “Maybe I’ll make a compilation page with my favorite free music”
@ 21xhipster - “I am pretty sure that I will bring single page to test out a thing!”
@ Slate - "Yay! count me in! I will post a static site."
READY: @ MrAnderson - “Count me in to be a ‘Builders of the first SAFE Web’ I will start with a home page”
@Aster - “I want to make a homepage”
@ m3data - "We will have a basic metame static site ready to roll!"
READY: @DavidMc0 - "I’d like to add a basic homepage"
READY: @Melvin - "I’ve made a HTML page of READY: @polpolrene 's Safenet in 5 minutes"
READY: @Yerontour - “a site where I explain how I decentralized my energy and banking services…and how to start using Safenetwork”
@Fremtid - “I can do a simple html page in German.”
@nihilnegativum - "I’m planning a project on maidsafe, so its best to start early."
READY: @Infining - “I’ll just make a simple static HTML”
@Prescient1 - home page
@sam_uk - home page
@ faddat - “count me in”
@ Safety1st - Homepage / Website
@ mrlukeduke - home page
@ mvanzyl - pacman game and videos page
@ Blindsite2k - Rebuilding my website, building additional artistic, activism, philosophical and spirituality based sites. Oh and a nice archive too lol.
@eblanshey - “Late to the party here, but I’ll likely put up some personal page too”
@ digrec - homepage
READY: @riddim - “i’m in too but don’t expect something impressing - i don’t have much time … just something crappy xD”
@_Cake - “Add me to the list! At least if personal websites are allowed”



and I will need help. :blush:


Nice idea! I’m in! Will be fun to see what can be done!


i will build a btc gambling review site on safe network :grimacing: :grin:


I can create a simple homepage but I might need help uploading it.


I posted all html / css files I made for the SAFE Potential Apps site on its thread if anyone wants to copy that onto this network! Would be really cool if it was actually hosted on there! And I think the whole thing is under 10mb (I compressed all the logos)

Note: it is definitely a very static site lol


If this is really ready for prime-time is there any chance the masters on here can provide a step-by-step- real eli5 video example of this setting this up which can be shared on Youtube? Get that video posted in a few chat rooms and let @fergish take it to LTB and all the crypto media folks who are starvin for anything that doesnt have the word “chain” in it. Gotta be good tho…


Also I volunteer to help create a buncha quick n simple sites for ppl


I will build the first SAFE Hamster Dance Site! :slight_smile:


Not if I build it first!! :smiley:


hahaha - it’ll be a race :open_mouth:

and then the first website on our safe network will be a cat picture website Oo


I’m pretty surethat alone guarantees that SAFE will be uber-viral on day1


What a brilliant response :smile:

I better join in! :wink: I’ll build an index page (if @whiteoutmashups doesn’t do it first).

Help I need:

I need a logo and styling for inclusion in a footer, linking “previous” and “next” pages in “The First SAFE Web Ring” and suitably styled HTML code so it looks nice underneath any page.

Help offered:

I’ll coordinate adding HTML code for anyone wanting to join the “First SAFE Web Ring”, which you can insert in your page to add a footer with links to “previous” and “next” pages in the ring.


I’m in Dude :stuck_out_tongue:
But I don’t know what it should be about yet


I would like to create a clean and informative welcome page that includes the most wanted apps by the current community. I want to encourage new users and developers to get the ball rolling by giving them a picture of what is in demand. In addition, having a pro anonymity and security page with all the current arguments against and for these technologies would be ideal. This I hope will help clear up some misconceptions and provide the growing community with strong counter arguments for their local peer group. We need to properly equip our freedom warriors with solid philosophical weaponry. Over time, the community should assign each other to handle different roles. Outreach/marketing, public speaking (each person specializing in different topics), highly technical overviews, popular artist recruitment/endorsement, help and support, and media presentations like tutorial videos/podcasts to name a few. Its exciting to be at the cusp of a revolution!!!


For what it’s worth here is my index page

It a clone of bitcoinmegaphone.com, which is a clone of twitter

It should work with SAFEcoin in the future, but I’m not happy because on my desktop it looks like this:


I know I’m always spouting off about it,

…but you’ve seen my SAFE Apps site right?

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Yep. I even threw some suggestions your way. Nice work!


I’ll get involved! Will have a think of what before the weekend


I need help. I want to have my own homepage. thanks you guys!