Let’s Save the Internet (while waiting for SafeNetwork)

Good morning guys.
I’m writing this article in order to alert all the EU citizens of the imminent threat to our right of freedom. We’re used to surfing and sharing pretty much everything on the Internet, from news to music and videos. Well, till now.
On the 5th July the EU Parliament will decide to approve or not the copiright directive proposal, whose contents risk to impose a huge limit to information’s circulation.

Sharing content online like news or articles will be much more difficult. You won’t be able to share links with text, like a news headline cause you could be charged of the license fee by the author of the article. And these restrictions would last for 20 years! But this is not the end.
Technically everything published by EU citizens will be monitored through the new copiright package. You won’t be able share links, pictures, short clip of videos; You won’t be able even to modify them (that’s why on these weeks you heard lots about memes) It will be up to the online platforms to monitor and filter the content which circulate online, YouTube, Reddit, Twitter, Wikipedia, Github etc…

The Internet in Europe won’t be the same anymore if this proposal will pass and our expression will be limited.
Now, I think that the copiright topic is relevant to keep the digital world healthy and for the protection of the content online; But this proposal is both a failure and a threat to everyone, to the final user, to the publisher and to the author of articles. I don’t want the Internet to have barriers inside the EU. I want it to be free for anyone at anytime, cause the internet reflects our opinions and our ideas.

If you’re interested on taking more information and want to take action check this article—> https://meta.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/European_Parliament_vote_in_2018

Hope to have described well the current situation and the potential scenario. Let me know guys if i’m wrong on something.

Thank you


I hope that it passes, and the internet gets so dullified that safenetwork is a direct hit once released :wink:
They won’t see it coming. And I’ll be sitting in front of the television with popcorn when the first political outrage starts that safe has to be regulated

As in another topic https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/qkjpbd/pirate-bay-founder-peter-sunde-i-have-given-up


EU Parliament Votes to Step Back From the Abyss on Copyright For Now


Peter Sunde is a defeatist Debby Downer who lets his socialism pull him into a constant state of pessimism. The internet is thriving and well. Want to listen to music for free? Youtube - Done. Want to watch a movie online? Done. Want to learn anything? Done. Want to spread your moderate or extremist views? Done. Want to read any scientific article? Done. Easier than ever. More diverse than ever. Harder to stop than ever. Things are definitely better than 10 years ago.
Of course when safe is ready, progress will be exponential.

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If you understand freedom and liberty, you understand what P Sunde is talking about.
Think Lehman Brothers, mh17 and world cup etc.

What does Lehman brothers have to do with MH17 and the world cup??

Sunde is not about liberty. He favors the government enshrining access to the internet as a human right, meaning: If you’re low-income they will pay for your internet connection. That’s neither freedom nor liberty.