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some-other 3 points 8 hours ago

In his spare time (between about 2 a.m. and 5 a.m.) he started transposing one of our most complex libraries, Self-Encryption (the component that seamlessly splits data into smaller chunks and encrypts them), over to Rust, which at that time wasn’t even in Beta yet.

This is how they prototype new technology? An employee volunteers to work for free?

michaelsproul 20 points 6 hours ago

He’s actually the founder, so I suppose it’s ok?

some-other 1 point an hour ago*

hah, oops. And then all the gleeful upvotes to drive the shame of my mistake home, nice. If it makes people happy.

Really inspired to share this here. Many thanks to @dirvine; real inspiration.




As a founder (don’t like that, I am a team member no more or less important) then it’s not a few hours of code you will do for free, I work 18-19 per day 7 days a week, no holiday over a day or so for about 5 years and completely responsible to make sure everyone is treated well and gets paid. so a few hours of rust is a pleasure not a chore :slight_smile:

( https://www.reddit.com/r/rust/comments/3eagph/maidsafe_goes_rust/ctdln93 )