Legacy Auto Makers are Petrol Offenders

Volkswagen would have to go full electric to redeem diesel gate alone- but it has no intention of doing that.

Toyota helped start Tesla but hydrogen is a greater scam than petrol because its even less efficient and designed to enhance petrarchy.

GM did the electric car and skate concepts only to patent lock and explore threats to petrol and then put out negative publicity about it to try to kill it.

Keep in mind that beyond the constant hidden subsidies and horrendous destabilizing camoflaged bailouts of petrol, petrol is ultimately about hereditary rule and trying to tie heridity to power through land and money. Its about trying to take us back monarchy.

Tesla is a cord cutting monarchy killer. If you look at Grohmann and the whining by the petrol offender elitest BMW Mercedes (people who want heriditary rule) they want to continue their contracts on petrol vehicals and continued petrol offending otherwise Tesla was happy to continue supplying buth they try to spin breach of contract. Tesla should get rid of the employees at Grohmann that don’t get this or idle them but keep on payroll. This stuff is as stupid as using batteries to try to delay the impact on natural gas.

These petrol offender companies have negative good will, they are coming to be rightly seen as public enemies, they wont even fair as well as big tobacco, despite nationalism and rhetoric around jobs and the job creator lies. It seems quite plausible that every big automaker goes bankrupt with asset sell off where even the names don’t survive. To me Merecedes and BMW are already junk brands, they represent idiocy and are run by idiots, and even their Rhenish trade unionism isn’t helping- we hear their rhetoric but we know its just rhetoric they are lying as usual and dragging their feet behind closed doors willing to do anything to protect their heriditary petrarchy power structure.