Lecture 1 - The SAFE Network from First Principles



Lecture 1: XOR Distance and Basic Routing

Date and time: Sunday, October 26 from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Location: @Bitcoin_Embassy (3485 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC)

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@erick will give the first lecture of The SAFE Network from First Principles, a new online class that will help SAFE Enthusiasts understand how the routing layer of the SAFE Network works.


5:00 PM Arrive early to meet other SAFE Enthusiasts

5:30 PM Snacks and drinks will be provided. Feel free to order food or to go get something from a nearby takeaway restaurant

6:30 PM We should have finished eating by that time and we will start getting ready for Erick’s lecture

6:45 PM Final preparations before the live streaming

7:00 PM Erick’s lecture

7:45 PM Questions period

8:00 PM - 9:00 PM Stay around to talk with other SAFE Enthusiasts


Erick Lavoie is a Ph.D student in computer science at McGill University. He is currently interested in leveraging end-user computational resources, in the form of storage, bandwidth, and computational power to solve important scientific and engineering problems. Concretely, he is building a peer-to-peer infrastructure using web technologies for running distributed MATLAB code.

Live streaming

This event will be broadcasted live with Hangouts On Air (here). Viewers will be able to ask and vote on questions for Erick to answer.



Infinity Algorithms & BitTea.io

François Brunelle (my father)


Bitcoin Embassy

Olivier Jobin (videographer)

Olivier Martel Savoie (photographer)

BitPay attempts MaidSafe

Exceptional and thrilling to see the community moving ahead of us in presenting this network. That is great teamwork and for me it helps with our message that this is everyone’s network. Really inspiring to see and I know how much work this takes so huge congrats!!


Bloody brilliant. I watched @erick on YouTube last night and thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. Thanks to everyone on this. Amazing :slight_smile:


When will the full lecture be uploaded?


I can’t give you an exact date, but probably a week or two after the recording of tomorrow’s lecture. It will depend on the amount of work that has to be done for the editing.


Looking forward to this!


Just upload it raw!

Idc about fanciness, i just want to see :slight_smile:


Ah yes, I can see why you want to edit this…I hope you can get the audio clear.

When you say a ‘new online class’ is this going to turn into a series?



The raw video of the Hangout On Air will be uploaded on Youtube (here). So that will be the place to go if you want to see it as soon as possible.

But my friend Olivier Jobin is supposed to be there to film Erick’s lecture professionally and edit the video to combine it with the slides. Once that’s done, we will replace the raw video with Olivier’s version.


Yes, I will try to get the audio as clear as possible. We have a Yeti microphone at the Bitcoin Embassy. And if my friend Olivier is able to be there, he will bring his lavalier microphone.

Yes, I used the word “class” because this is going to turn into a series of lectures. I’m not sure how many there are going to be. There is a lot of content to cover! :smiley:


This takes place in 5 minutes:


Great work last night guys and excellent presentation Erick, you explain the core concepts clearly and concisely. How many people showed up for the presentation, it sounded like there a few in the room.


I also meant to add, and this may be down to personal preference or presentation/lecture style, but personally I prefer that questions are saved until the end to maximise the flow of the presentation going. Hats off to you Erick, for managing all the questions and maintaining the energy of your presentation.


The audio was clear and audible and has provided us all with an excellent resource. Well done guys!


Great work, really cleared some things up for me. But about the routing…It’s alomst a complete random network, both for the part as the Node-id’s and the File-id’s due to XOR. But isn’t there a little drawback from that as well? What if the chunck I want is like 20 hops away? That would slowdown my download where the slowest hop gives me the most delay…
Isn’t it possible that a chunck travels from the US to Japan back to the US than to a hop in Europe to go back to US to finally arriving at my place? It probably took the fastest route but that was only XOR-Based…


There were around 30 people, we took pictures of the group that should be put online eventually.

I personally like asking and answering questions as the presentation goes along as it makes for a more interactive style when live in front of a group. I think it also makes it easier for me to know that everybody is following and that I did not loose anyone during the exposition.

It might make the job harder to get a good flow when editing for the web though. If it is too bad then I’ll redo a screen cast with a non-interrupted flow.

It is the first time I do presentations intended for both a live and a web audience, we will certainly learn a few tricks along the way. Fortunately, since it is a serie of talks, it will give us the opportunity to fine tune the process.


Just watched the video, and I don’t think that the questions were that bad. They kept the presentation lively, like you said. some of the questions were very hard to hear, and maybe you could repeat them for the video, but even as it is, I was able to understand enough.

This is extremely helpful, and I think I now understand why XOR is so important!

Thank you so much @erick


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If these are going to be in series, maybe you might consider approaching learning sites.