Learning Rust, helping with debugging?

I am interested in learning Rust but since I don’t have much spare time the only reason I would do it is if I could be helpful with SN development somehow - is it possible that there is stuff that can be done that is useful that will have the side effect of helping me to learn Rust while I do it?

I started off on Fortran 4 and Basic but spent a long time in insurance software dev in C.

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You could consider a project for the BGF. I hear that @happybeing is not continuing with the VDASH project but has said his code is available for some one to take it over.

You get to do something to help the SN project and have code already there to help you in your learning and then get the opportunity to be rewarded for it since the BGF is calling for projects like that.


Ah OK, I will have a closer look at that stuff - thanks!

What I was thinking was using debugging to work out what problem code was doing but maybe that is like jumping in at the deep end and wouldn’t help learning that much . .

I was thinking you could get yourself going with Rust before actually working on the VDash code, but it becomes an incentive to motivate your learning.

So use your experience and map out what you feel the VDash project needs to fulfil what the BGF is asking for, make a proposal when you feel you can reliably do so (after learning some rust).