Learn Rust, Contribute to SAFE, and Save the World


I know this might be common knowledge already but if any newcomers fall in here then they might find it useful.

Anyone interested in Rust might like to have a read of:
“The Rust Programming Language” by Steve Klabnik Klabnik & Carol Nichols.

I have linked Amazon (UK) here - obviously other retailers are available and I would not recommend one over another.



Super @DGeddes

Anyone else looking for resources, do a google search for “awesome rust github” and you will find several curated lists, plenty of material from high to low. This one is very comprehensive: https://github.com/rust-unofficial/awesome-rust
Not so much books or videos though, but plenty of repos.

Found a nice contribution from @nbaksalyar (from some time ago) in one of those lists, was some P2P or sockets thing, don’t remember now :slight_smile:


Or you can see this online for free: https://doc.rust-lang.org/book/


If you already do a fair bit of coding, but none in rust, you might find this 4:43 hour video worth seeing:

Coding a crate for EC2 short jobs. It has a nice tempo.

What’s good about these kind of videos, is that you’ll get so much information about the language specific details; what situation they are used, why, how and all sorts of related info that only a developer who fell into the traps would think of mentioning.