LEAKED: the Safe Network Calendar for 2022!

Hello friends,

as a continuation of the tradition from previous years (2019; 2020; 2021) I present to you the fourth best calendar ever created… for the Safe Network with beautiful drawings dedicated to “Pain to Power - How Art Can Improve Your Mental Health” by the Bulgarian artist Octophina! :dragon:

This year the calendar has a version in 6 languages to reflect the availability of new international sites and social channels:

:safe: English - download; backup
:bulgaria: Bulgarian - download; backup
:germany: German - download; backup
:russia: Russian - download; backup
:france: French - download; backup
:spain: Spanish - download; backup

I also take this opportunity to give a brief overview of my efforts to popularize the Safe Network over the past year and the conclusions I have reached.

The main part of my work was focused on building bridges with other crypto communities. We live in a world where what is true for one person is different for another. If nothing else, at least that’s what the pandemic taught us. People cannot agree on everything. We all have different hardware and different experiences, which invariably leads to different interpretations of what is true and what is not.

But what we can agree on are the ideas. I will allow myself to quote one of the brightest minds of our time - "Our kids deserve better than us.. I am sure that everyone will agree that it is better to leave the world a better place for the kids. No one can know what the future will bring, but the people here believe that the Safe Network will make the lives of millions better, so we risk our money and time by supporting David and the MaidSafe team.

From the many MeetUps I’ve organized over the past year, I can say that the average person on the street can easily understand why we need technology like the Safe Network. When I explain to new people what Safe is, I start with the columns on which the modern world is built. The printing press, which has allowed us to copy information more efficiently, and the Internet, which allows us to transport information at the speed of light. It is not difficult for people to understand that a technology that will allow us to store information forever, moving it like a river from device to device, would lead to the next big leap in the development of our society.

Whether the Safe Network will be this technology we can not know. But of all the projects I know of, Safe comes first. Even if we fail, I believe it is important for more people to think about these issues, so I am willing to risk my time and promote the ideas behind Safe before the technology is proven.

As I said before, I believe it is important to arrange your pieces on the board and act in sync for maximum effect.

And although in personal contact it is easy to explain what Safe is fighting for and to attract new people to the project, in remote advertising it is extremely difficult. During the year I showed 2.3 million people ads for the weekly dev updates and despite the thousands of clicks we have very few registrations in the forum from India, where I mainly showed the ads.

Therefore, I think it will be much easier to build bridges with other crypto communities where people are more inclined to act and understand cryptocurrencies and farming. As a result of my efforts during the year in this direction, I was invited as a moderator in this Bulgarian Facebook group (12k subscribers) and as an administrator in this telegram group. This allowed me to talk to many more people about Safe and my call is if you have the opportunity to join these efforts, because as capable as MaidSafe are their job is to build and upgrade the network, I believe our job is to educate people about Safe. Let’s do it!

I wish everyone good health and good luck in the new year! :love:

Privacy. Security. Freedom


Beautiful, love it! Thank you Dimitar and wish you the best for the upcoming year.


Loving the colors!


The other calendars have been added! (I overestimated how fast I’ll do them, I forgot how boring it is to click the same thing hundreds of times :lol: )

Privacy. Security. Freedom


Beautiful, thank you very much, will print & hang tomorrow!


Ta-daa :slight_smile: