LEAKED: the SAFE Network Calendar for 2019!


These are cool and beautiful and all. And I appreciate the thanks, and you’re welcome, and thanks for making them man, but has anyone else noticed that besides from who they are addressed to there isn’t much of anything unique or personalized about them? I mean they are awesome but it’s basically the same calendar with the name changed to address and thank different people.


You have correctly noticed. Personalization is just in the gratitude message. If anything in my original message has led you to think otherwise, forgive me. English is not my first language…


Yes, I noticed right away. But I’m personally so lazy I wouldn’t even put this thread together. Tagging all those people in seems like a crazy effort in itself.

Let alone make the calender. I mean, I’m positively shocked dimitar did what we have been given.

If he had created a hundred of different calendars which means 1200 different motives for each month – I wouldn’t be as honored as I would be worried about his mental health. One could actually die trying.


Great work with this - great community calendar, and a lovely gift!

Looking forward to what 2019 brings for the Safe Network and community :slight_smile:


Stop your moaning and be grateful. What have you contributed?

Thank you again @dimitar


We all contribute here with our personal time, most of all :slight_smile: And he is right that calendars are not unique…

They are personalized as a personalized inscribed clock gift for retirement :wink:


@dimitar Thank you so much for the gift and Advance Happy New Year.


Totally agree. Thanks again @dimitar !


That’s indeed already enough ‘proof of work’ in the personalization part :wink: One could add more uniqueness without wasting much time by choosing automatically and randomly out of multiple photos, but I don’t see much added value in that anyway.

I noticed that circled ‘animals’-quote last week in the Glitter Bomb video (speaking of a time consuming ‘personal message’), but starting with ‘keep that change’ instead of ‘merry christmas’. Although it is popular due to Christmas movie ‘Home Alone 2’, which got it from the old gangster movie ‘Angels With Filthy Souls’.


Wow, thank you very much @dimitar! This is amazing and such a kind gesture to and from the community.

Thank you for your generosity to the community!


Hey @dimitar,
this is so amazing! :sparkles: I am literally speechless! :astonished: The calendar looks really beautiful.

Thanks for your hard work, man. You make this world a better place! :earth_americas:

Have a happy new year 2019 (in which the SAFE network will take over the world)! :champagne::tada::rainbow:


Wow. Going beyond the call of duty doesn’t even begin to describe your efforts @dimitar - Maidsafe should give you a medal and the Pope should make you a saint: St Dimitar the Decentralised. :pray: Works for me. Thursday is the new Sunday in my religion, that’s for sure! And thanks so much for personalising each one.


Hey @dimitar, I’m very excited to use the calendar from tomorrow. Happy New Year !!!


As promised. I recommend spiral binding on the bottom with the holes on the top so you can have a page for notes and so forth.



Most people would have bound on the top.
Genius idea. All sold calendars don’t do this, they should.


Thanks. Not so sure about the genius part, though. Just dumb luck.

The main reason I had it bound on the bottom is because on top it would run into the pictures too much. But it turned out the best this way, anyway, I think.


Side Note: I was in a large-chain national (USA) drug store in early December and two millennial-age clerks were working there. I asked them if they had any wall calendars. Incredulously, they looked at each other and one finally said “You mean those old-fashioned things people used to hang on the wall?” Then the other said "I think they have some at . . . " (large-chain food store). Just one more thing to make you feel old. :roll_eyes:


Dang, that bites. We didn’t get any for Xmas, so we’ll have to going shopping form some, that my wife likes.
I printed out Jan. for her but she wants either butterflies or Kitties. Hehe.


@dimitar, thanks for doing this, I really appreciate it.


That’s awesome @dimitar

Thank you!

I need a new calendar!

I will print sometime this or next week and send you guys a snap!