LEAKED: the SAFE Network Calendar for 2019!


Love this! Thank you for putting it together!
Love that update Thursday is marked out on the calendar. :slight_smile:

Really lovely gift.


Merry Christmas.



Thank you for the :calendar:!

Happy holidays :christmas_tree: and a good 2019 AD (and 1 Before SAFE Network?) for everyone :fireworks: :confetti_ball:


You rock @dimitar :raised_hands:
Very cool, definately going on the wall.


Very cool. Definitely worthy of getting printed up properly on glossy stock, spiral bound and hung by my workspace.

This and the work you’re doing in your local community are inspirational.


This is amazing! Thank you so much! 2019 will be big!


Thanks for putting this together my dude! Glad to see I made the cut lol. Enjoy the holidays!


I was thinking the same thing. Will pop by the local printers, might print of a few to hand out to some people also.

A calendar for an extraordinary year.


we are over 9000 now, nothing can stop us :wink:


Excellent work Dimitar. Thank-you for this gift!


Thanks buddy :slight_smile: Going up in my office! Best of the season to you and yours (and all of you reading)


Wow, fantastic! Just when I thought I have mostly been just whining and doubting here recently, I get this kind of thanks from my contribution… feels so good! Very good job @dimitar! I really admire the effort you are willing to contribute week after week. You are unbelievable.

And by the way, I really enjoyed your joke of hijacking first time β€œfirst” in this thread. I appreciate that kind of humor so much. And the fact that it was precisely you who got to do that, is so very… written in the stars.

Happy holidays, and all the best for you!


So unexpected @dimitar and such a thoughtful gift to all of us. Thank you so much

Have a wonderful time and if you celebrate xmas then have a Merry Christmas and/or happy holidays


The MaidSafe team does a very serious and hard work and we in the community will have to help them, but that does not mean we can not have fun on the way :wink: Cheers!


Thank you @dimitar
I am really touched by this kind gesture. The colour printer needs a cyan toner cart, so I will use some Xmas money to order one right away and print this out on good glossy paper.
So not only have you given me a calendar, you also gave me back a working colour printer :slight_smile:

Thank you again for this and all your other hard work on behalf of the project. I hope you have a happy festive season and that 2019 is a very good year for you and your loved ones.


So very kind of you @dimitar and a rather nice Christmas surprise. I like the fact that Thursdays are highlighted in gold. It made me smile. :smile: Vesela Koleda!


Vesela Koleda and for you too! :smiley:


Wow :scream:

Thanks Santa Claus :santa:

Truly breathtaking work man :+1:

What did I say about this guy?
Guess it was true :+1: :100: :christmas_tree: :gift:


@dimitar, thanks a lot for your hardwork. This is truly encouraging and inspiring


Excellent work! Thank you so much for the gift @dimitar and Happy New Year in advance!


Thank you so much, @dimitar !! This is fabulous! All the heart and talent you pour into supporting MaidSafe, The SAFE Network and this community is absolutely inspiring!! :smile::smile::smile: