Layer 2 options for MAID (OMNI and Polygon)

Good catch I just came over here to post about this on back of Taproot activation and how it relates to MaidSafeCoin:

From here.

Slashtags is only part of Synonym’s stack, however. The company also uses Omni, a platform that enables tokens, decentralized crowdfunding, and peer-to-peer trading solutions on Bitcoin.
“The reason we chose to support Omni and OmniBOLT, is that they are the only token solutions that do not require extra blockchains or native store of value tokens to operate,” Carvalho said. “Omni transactions are Bitcoin transactions with special info that is tracked by the Omni network, and uses the same scaling methods as Bitcoin, like a Lightning Network layer 2.”

OmniBolt has been referenced a few times on this forum.

OmniBOLT is the second prominent protocol succeeding OmniLayer, which are both presented by Omni Foundation. At the same time, the people behind OmniBOLT spec are also the core members of Omni Foundation.

So perhaps these new developments will help open up Omni tokens like MaidSafeCoin…

Edit: GitHub - omnilaboratory/OmniBOLT-spec: Facilitate smart assets circulation and exchange in Lightning Network.

OmniBOLT specification describes how to enable OmniLayer assets to be circulated via lightning channels, and how can smart assets benefit from this noval quick payment theory.

Edit2: This Omnibolt Lightning based Uniswap may become the next best place to obtain MaidSafeCoin. All new info from just the last few months.


Very interesting indeed, could this mean omni has a future and quite soon? I Wonder how this would affect peoples view of erc20 @Sotros25 ?


If this Omnibolt tech stack and related services like Synonym take off in a big way then IMO there is more than enough room for both erc20 and Omni as it is more about access and easy onramps for decentralised developers and users than strictly using one or the other technology.

What surprises me is that the “core members of Omni Foundation” are not more communicative about the implications and potential of all this with the biggest active long term project on Omni protocol besides Tether, which is MaidSafeCoin obviously. Perhaps worth a quick query email, one project lead to another.


I don’t even know who that would be mind you, but happy to send an email.


As far as I can see It looks like Neo Carmack may be the the most likely contact. main contact and dev listed here:

Writes about their work here:


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This is generally positive news for Omni, but it will likely take a lot of time to have a meaningful impact (assuming Omni is able to successfully overcome the challenges en route to doing so). I’d have to agree with @krnelson here:

While it’s positive that Omni is showing some signs of life with Omnibolt, executing on ERC20 now while allowing Omni to prove themselves seems the safest strategy.

Omni no longer has a thriving network of participants. That it’s the same team that worked on Omni originally working on this next development doesn’t necessarily inspire confidence. That team has been too quiet and slow to move in the past resulting in just about every major project and exchange abandoning their platform.


Yes, when I saw the reference to Omni and how it could utilise Lightning, I too wondered about any positive implications for MAID. A “rebirth” of sorts perhaps?

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I have serious misgivings about porting MAID to ERC20 - especially given my recent experience of transferring a token on the Ethereum network which cost me $45. I also moved $150 of ETH I had lying around (in order to sell), which cost me another $13.

Transferring Bitcoin is insanely cheap compared to those numbers.

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Don’t worry, you will be able to use the Polygon network and soon the Pulsechain network. There the transactions will be cents and it is extremely easy to make bridges to them from Ethereum (as far as my understanding of the topic is concerned, I personally would have made one).

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These “bridges” you speak of, to facilitate swapping in and out, with they be (or are they) integrated into wallets to make the process seamless?


I could not belive when I see Trezor fee suggestion 2sat/B as normal and 1sat/B as economy. I choose to donate miners with normal fee this time:-)
It looks like LN is adopted already.

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Yes, and It seems we can even use the already working Polygon bridges, we don’t have to run our own:

Submit Mapping Request

PoS Bridge

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