Lawyers... we all like to hate them, but.. they would be one of the early adopters

Lawyers, they do their best to make sure their emails are secure but the cold hard truth about the current internet is that their emails are probably resting as a copy on some server somewhere, whether sloppy sys admin, or data deletion is just the removal of a pointer on a hard disk and still recoverable…

A technology like SAFENetwork would bring Lawers ( celebrities, and politicians… :frowning: ) Peace of mind and efficient security. I think Lawers working in the tech field are prime customers of whoever wants to offer email and document software tailored to their needs. They would understand the technology… in turn, their lawyer mates in other fields would start to trust the technology.


I also think that spies, politicians, etc., who will publicly condemn SAFE for its uncontrollability, will also be some of the first to utilize it to keep their secrets and communications secure.


I agree tech savvy lawyers could be some of the first to use the network, but I think the same can be said for any tech savvy business person that values their privacy.

Not sure about the title of your post though. Why do you assume most people here hate lawyers? Could have just written “Lawyers could be among the early adopters of the SAFE Network”. :relaxed:

I am a tech-savvy lawyer. I agree that the SAFE network will be compelling to my kind. But for many reasons lawyers will never be on the vanguard of tech adoption. When they do adopt SAFE, it will be on a wave of client demand.