Launching SAFE browser when clicking safe:// links in chrome

As stated in the topic title I want to automatically open beaker (or opening a new tab if already running) when clicking a safe:// link in chrome.

So far I created the following entry in the windows registry. When I then first clicked on a safe:// link chrome asked me if I wanted to open it in beaker. I clicked OK and checked “remember this choice” but then nothing happened. As it remembered the choice now it just does nothing when I click on safe:// links.

Registry entry I created:

  • safe
    • shell
      • open
        • command “PATH_TO_BEAKER\SAFE Browser.exe”

Maybe @joshuef has an idea if this is possible or has managed to do this?


Wild guess from a Linux user here… but does the space in the .exe filename cause that?

Perhaps remove it in both the filename and the pointer and try again… or if Windohs understands \ put one before the space in the pointer.

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