Launcher with multiple languages

Following from the discussion Where is a Chinese version?

A pre-release of the Safe Launcher for Alpha network with multiple languages is now available for download.

Download 0.8.0-ML1
Download 0.8.0-ML2
Download 0.8.0-ML3
Download 0.8.0-ML4
Download 0.8.0-ML5

This release features multiple languages (English / Chinese).


  • React components have not been translated yet (charts and logs).
  • Translation is from google translate which is not good enough for production purposes.
  • OSX release will be created within the next 24h once I get in front of one of those machines to build it. The MacOS version is now available using the download link above.

Please let me know of any issues or suggestions. Additional translations can be added by following the instructions in the readme.


Very very very very very very very very very very very very awesome :slight_smile:


Great work! Very helpful.


Great work dude! :thumbsup:

This is really important. I hope a native Chinese speaker comes along to tweak the translation, I know we have a few lurking around.


Can someone paste the text here so a Mandarin speaking forum reader can easily give their suggestions?


Hello everyone,

I’ve just finished a first French translation :slight_smile:

Here is my contribution on GitHub :

Let me know if anything must be corrected because it’s the first time I use Github and I’m not sure I used it in the right way!


The phrases can be found at

	"Account": "",
	"Account Info": "",
	"Account not found": "",
	"Account Password": "",

I’m investigating Transifex for another project and if it works well may use it for the launcher phrases. But at this early stage I want to keep the feature lean in case (hopefully) MaidSafe choose to merge this in / take over this feature, in which case they can work out the workflow that suits them best.


Many thanks! I’ve merged your changes in and they will be available in the next release.

I’ve also started a transifex project for making it easier to submit and manage translations. Not sure if it will gain traction but let’s see what happens.


I don’t think we would merge this, considering that SAFE Launcher was rewritten in React.js. Also, since we’re planning to move to SAFE Authenticator, it would probably be best to wait for that before starting to work on translations :slight_smile:

For SAFE Authenticator, we are starting with internationalization support right from the start. We will have to keep adding the language files into the locales folder and the addon should be able to pick them up from there:


This is great news. I can understand that MaidSafe wouldn’t merge this; it’s a very old version in the fast-moving safe network space.

I’ll keep the translated version of alpha launcher around until the alpha network is stopped, then remove it to avoid any confusion. I’m not looking to extend the translations to test networks etc so this should be a fairly small job to clean up once it stops.

It’s exciting to see the authenticator growing :slight_smile:


My wife speaks Chinese (but she doesn’t speak tech). I’m sure she would be able check over the translation for sense though if you can’t find a native Chinese dev to do it. Google Translate gives some very dubious results, as anyone who visits a restaurant over there will know - eg Duck noodle soup -> Xanxi duck wire explosion, Special spare ribs -> Bucket of bones etc


I am ready to translate it into Arabic ( RTL language)
I promises it will be professional translation.
But I want make sure that launcher support RTL first


Hey - my wife has edited the Chinese version. Quite a lot of changes so will require some explanation rather than uploading to GitHub. Who should I DM it to?


Looks like it will, here’s my ugly basic test:


Great! But It should be like that :

I will start translation right now :slight_smile:


Thanks for this. I’ve put the changes into the codebase and the corrected translations will be available in the next release.

Gotta love the SAFE community :thumbsup:


This is awesome to see. Not just for multicultural availability of the safe network but also this kind of thing could act as the basis of an actual translation protocol. I mean here we are translating the SAFE network so we already have a lot of common ground. We already have a lot of the same documentation being translated into multiple languages so why not later take those same skills to help create further translation lessons to help people learn various languages. That is essentially what Duolingo does. Of course that’s a later project but yeah it’s exciting just seeing people coming together and getting this all done.


You know just another thought here. As the SAFE network grows, as translation efforts become perfected and people start communicating even more, anonymously and freely, we’re going to see more and more cultural exchanges. I mean think about it. Here on the forums we have UK, U.S., Canadian, Chinese, Arabic, East Indian, Russian and many more all freely collaborating together peacefully on a project while our governments are in one way or another trying to kill one another. This proves that promoting good communication and translation has serious ramifications. We can have peace! We just need to talk to each other more.


Arabic version ready
Sorry for delay.
How can I send it to you ?

Uploaded here:


Shall I write a Yorkshire version?! :slight_smile: