Launcher must be kept running

tested in Ubuntu V16 - LTS
I had launcher running > demo app permission granted > created public ID >
went back to this forum (in my browser) for about six minutes > Demo app window crashed, and said “Launcher must be kept running” but launcher was still running (so maybe the demo app timed out?). When I clicked on the launcher window, it opened and the demo app window closed immediately.

I attempted a second time, and it took about 2 minutes to publish the template webpage. Given the number of nodes running today, it’s probably some serious congestion, but hopefully my steps above helps resolve a bug or two!


Might want to report this to Github Launcher Issues as most the devs are too busy to read the forums.

One thing about the launcher and future. Would it make sense to be able to access safenet without the need to log into an account, for example the public stuff, at the moment these dns-like names and websites. Maybe later when maid/safe/net becomes a protocol it will be more to my likings actually. Thanks. Cheers.

This is already how it works. You can access public websites by just starting Launcher - no need to have an account let alone log in.


I don’t think this discussion is actually related to this post in any way but I just tried it out with this site http://quake3v2.perico.safenet/ and it already works!

I don’t think this discussion is actually related

I don’t mind tangents, so long as the mods are cool with it… \ _ :smirk: _ /