Launcher/demo app communication error

I know this has already been mentioned but I thought I’d start a dedicate thread.

System: Windows 7 64 bit.
First released Launcher and demo app.

Launcher is started. Demo app follows and successfully receives authorization from launcher. Demo behaves as intended for anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours. After which it fails to communicate with the launcher if network interaction is attempted. Demo app informs me of the disconnect and closes after I confirm by pressing the ok button. I proceed to load a SAFE site (I love saying that :grin: ) and it works with no problem. From this it SEEMS obvious that it’s the demo app malfunctioning. Though it could be the launcher deauthorizing the demo app after a while of inactivity. Not sure.


This happens within minutes of inactivity on my ubuntu 15 system

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Could it be deauthorization by the launcher? How likely?

I dunno, I submitted a JIRA report and the only work around I know is to restart the launcher then the demo app

Did you notice the “bugs” category (I moved this topic there)

Dude, we changed the category at almost the same time. When I pressed okay, an indicator that you did the same popped up on my profile pic. :relaxed:


3 hours running and the launcher is still proxying requests.

EDIT: I’m loving both the google pac-man and black jack games. :smile:

At the fifth out hour of running I can no longer load SAFE sites. No bueno… :disappointed: But I’m still in love! :grinning:

I’ve had to close and reopen BOTH the launcher and the demo. The launcher can’t REvalidate the demo EVEN if you remove the permissions and reconfirm, seems to time out like this unless both processes are ended.

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