Launch Plan...tick tock!

Hi all,

With the development of the Safe Network being on the home stretch (how I see it), has the @maidsafe marketing team come up with a launch plan?

If yes, is this something we can discuss here because I think the more people we can bring into the launch the more powerful an effect it will have.

If not, I think we can start discussing this here together as a community to begin with.

Thank you


Hey @goindeep, yeah Marketing has a plan forming for the launch stages for sure. There are a few variables which will determine some of the prioritisation of things (and I don’t want to speak on @Cgray’s behalf either whilst she’s on holiday) but absolutely in favour of the hivemind working on building up a bank of ideas to ensure the community can increase the impact :slight_smile:


OK so I guess I’ll go :smiley:

I am not sure which project management tool you are using but obviously something like a gannt chart is a must in the lead up.

I think the plan should involve the following resources to launch with. I am no expert but I’ve read that selecting one place to launch on as your main outlet is key. I am not sure I agree with that. But that’s what the “experts” suggest.

  1. Announcement sites.
  2. Press Releases.
  3. Socials (fb, twitter, Insta, yt etc)
  4. Email (Maidsafe lists, list brokers?, community members lists, staff lists, direct email to friendly’s journalists etc.)
  5. Blogs, guest blogs
  6. This forum. Other forums.
  7. Reddit. Linked In. Product Hunt.
  8. Podcasts and radio (in-house and external).

And I think the effort needs to be focused on the below. It’s all obvious. Not necessarily in this order.

A. Story. Message is the same. Hash tag.
B. Launch party/Event (invite EVERYONE).
C. Build hype.
D. Use influencers. Opinion Leaders.
E. Follow up. Hit after hit daily for 1-2 weeks.

I think that for each phase of effort folks in this community forum can assist with jumping into and using those resources as long as the plan is in place and the messages are timed correctly.

Happy to help.