Launch of a community safe network

Like many of you, I miss safenetwork with vaults at home. So, I am launching one with a set of 10 nodes and I hope that people from the community will add many more.

Network topology is represented as a galaxy on this clearnet web site (stars are nodes and constellations are sections). Unlike what I did in the past this isn’t a safe site (because SDs have been replaced with MDs which are not free to update anymore, and also I didn’t update my programming knowledge with this new data structure).

This site also displays an Honor Roll which I hope will be an incentive for people to provide many nodes. For now, there is only me, but I expect to be expelled from the top list by many people providing more vaults than me.

Like Alpha 2 network an invitation system limits the data that can be put on the network. This process is manual and @neo and @Traktion have kindly accepted to manage it. Many thanks to them. Please, PM them to get an invite. In the first phase, only forum members with trust level 2 can get one. When the network is stable with more vaults this restriction will be lowered to trust level 1.

The configuration files for vaults and client programs like SAFE Browser are provided in this Github repository. The procedures to provide a vault or configure a client are described in the file.

For clients the procedure is very simple:

  • for SAFE Browser replace SAFE Browser.crust.config file with this one.
  • for other clients the file to replace is normally named app-name.crust.config, where app-name is the name of the application.

For vaults there are 3 ways:

A vault must be powerful enough to pass the initial resource proof test. I didn’t change Maidsafe default values, so I suppose it is the same difficulty as past Maidsafe networks. Also a vault must have 32 GiB of free disk space.


What was the resource proof required for bandwidth? 6Mbps up? I want to run a vault but my speed might still be under par.

Awesome effort btw!!! :smiley: so cool


Yes, this is the figure that was mentioned for past networks.

Also I want to add this link to the excellent topic on How to set up a vault from home from @JPL.

Edit: JPL’s topic is about general advices and troubleshooting, like how to setup port forwarding on a router. But do not use files downloaded from there, they were adapted to an old Maidsafe network but not to current community network.


This is awesome :smiley: very very glad to see this.

Hope these initiatives will always exist, uninterrupted


Lazy Dog is back: safe://traktion :sweat_smile:


Sadly, I only have about 2.5mbit upload, so I’m out too. I still tried it out and it all looked like it was doing the right things (finding nodes to add to routing table, etc), but then it dropped my puny broadband connected node!

Hopefully, there are a few more people that live a bit closer to civilisation than I do! :wink:


Bummer I can’t run a vault but I’ll be publishing a site or two soon! :smiley:


Any chance @tfa of reducing the requirements to like 1.5Mbits/sec upload and see how it goes?


Hi @tfa very cool idea! Can I suggest you upload configured virtual machine which can be downloaded and started directly? :smiley:


@tfa would it be helpful to spin up any digital ocean droplets?? I’ve never done so but I could give it a shot.


Great to see a new community test network with vaults from home… feels better actually running vaults, even if there are various constraints just now!

Looking forward to seeing how this community test network develops.


Looks like because of those constraints we only have @tfa so far? Unless others aren’t using his binaries? Does everyone else have as bad of upload speeds as me? :joy: what gives folks? Jump on this train if you can!

If you’re using Maidsafe’s binaries and not @tfa’s then maybe we could say so below so that people don’t assume it’s just him. (Only those that download his binaries will show up on the constellation map).


Maybe the timing isn’t the best because some of us are on vacation.

Next week I will try to join. No Docker image unfortunately.


Proof of Resource has 2 parameters that are hard coded and I didn’t want to change the code so that people can use maidsafe deliveries directly.

Requirements could also be lowered with a smaller value for min_section _size, but I couldn’t get it working.

This is a technology I don’t master. Instead I have used Docker which is more light weight. In fact I began all of this as a self training on Docker, using safe vault management as example.

Currently there are 2 nodes that are not mine.

Not exactly : only those nodes will show up in the dashboard, but every nodes should appear in the galaxy.

Yes, there is one. It is named tsafe/vault3 on docker hub. It is automatically downloaded and executed when you join my swarm.

I am on mobile now and I can’t check that, but you should be able to run it independently with this command: docker run -d -p 5483:5483 tsafe/vault3. In this mode (outside the swarm) vault data isn’t collected and vault doesn’t appear in dashboard (but does appear in galaxy).

Edit: I tested this command and it works. You can also see what’s happening inside the container with this command: docker run -it -p 5483:5483 tsafe/vault3 /bin/bash. Example of a complete session:

root@TMP--01:~# docker run -it --rm -p 5483:5483 tsafe/vault3 /bin/bash
root@9975cce72363:/app# ls
log.yml  safe_vault  safe_vault.crust.config  safe_vault.routing.config  safe_vault.vault.config
root@9975cce72363:/app# ./safe_vault
I 18-12-28 20:48:12.120968

Running safe_vault v0.18.0
I 18-12-28 20:48:14.146167 Created chunk store at /tmp/safe_vault_chunk_store.c7rWbDP96Lr1 with capacity of 34359738368 bytes.
I 18-12-28 20:48:16.136521 JoiningNode(48217f..()) Requesting a relocated name from the network. This can take a while.
I 18-12-28 20:48:19.490178 Node(413941..()) Received relocation section. Establishing connections to 11 peers.
I 18-12-28 20:48:19.490409 Node(413941..()) Added c74965.. to routing table.
I 18-12-28 20:48:19.651350 Node(413941..()) Starting approval process to test this node's resources. This will take at least 300 seconds.
I 18-12-28 20:48:19.795968 Node(413941..()) Added daa89a.. to routing table.
I 18-12-28 20:48:19.843770 Node(413941..()) Added 1b9811.. to routing table.
I 18-12-28 20:48:19.845000 Node(413941..()) Added 2dfeaf.. to routing table.
I 18-12-28 20:48:19.989497 Node(413941..()) Added 9ce49e.. to routing table.
I 18-12-28 20:48:19.990438 Node(413941..()) Added bace63.. to routing table.
I 18-12-28 20:48:20.000835 Node(413941..()) Added 826180.. to routing table.
I 18-12-28 20:48:20.132152 Node(413941..()) Added ac1729.. to routing table.
I 18-12-28 20:48:20.138025 Node(413941..()) Added 4c8b40.. to routing table.
I 18-12-28 20:48:20.157406 Node(413941..()) Added 6770ad.. to routing table.
I 18-12-28 20:48:20.170456 Node(413941..()) Added eee3ba.. to routing table.
I 18-12-28 20:48:49.490475 Node(413941..()) 1/11 resource proof response(s) complete, 24% of data sent. 380 seconds/410 seconds remaining.
I 18-12-28 20:49:19.490588 Node(413941..()) 1/11 resource proof response(s) complete, 41% of data sent. 350 seconds/410 seconds remaining.
I 18-12-28 20:49:49.490811 Node(413941..()) 2/11 resource proof response(s) complete, 56% of data sent. 320 seconds/410 seconds remaining.
I 18-12-28 20:50:19.490949 Node(413941..()) 2/11 resource proof response(s) complete, 70% of data sent. 290 seconds/410 seconds remaining.
I 18-12-28 20:50:49.491251 Node(413941..()) 2/11 resource proof response(s) complete, 83% of data sent. 260 seconds/410 seconds remaining.
I 18-12-28 20:51:19.491414 Node(413941..()) 5/11 resource proof response(s) complete, 96% of data sent. 230 seconds/410 seconds remaining.
I 18-12-28 20:51:49.491686 Node(413941..()) 10/11 resource proof response(s) complete, 98% of data sent. 200 seconds/410 seconds remaining.
I 18-12-28 20:52:19.491851 Node(413941..()) 10/11 resource proof response(s) complete, 99% of data sent. 170 seconds/410 seconds remaining.
I 18-12-28 20:52:49.492016 Node(413941..()) All 11 resource proof responses fully sent. 140 seconds/410 seconds remaining.
I 18-12-28 20:53:16.707684 Node(413941..()) Resource proof challenges completed. This node has been approved to join the network!
I 18-12-28 20:53:16.707806  --------------------------------------------
I 18-12-28 20:53:16.707815 | Node(413941..()) - Routing Table size:  11 |
I 18-12-28 20:53:16.707819 | Exact network size: 12                     |
I 18-12-28 20:53:16.707822  --------------------------------------------
I 18-12-28 20:53:16.715818 Managing 1 client accounts.
I 18-12-28 20:53:16.719793 Managing 2 client accounts.
I 18-12-28 20:53:16.720127 Managing 3 client accounts.
I 18-12-28 20:53:16.720457 Managing 4 client accounts.
I 18-12-28 20:53:16.720746 Managing 5 client accounts.
I 18-12-28 20:53:16.721087 Managing 6 client accounts.
I 18-12-28 20:53:16.722712 Managing 7 client accounts.
I 18-12-28 20:53:16.723057 Managing 8 client accounts.
I 18-12-28 20:53:16.723429 Managing 9 client accounts.
I 18-12-28 20:53:16.723906 Managing 10 client accounts.
I 18-12-28 20:53:16.724174 Managing 11 client accounts.
I 18-12-28 20:53:16.726054 Managing 12 client accounts.
I 18-12-28 20:53:16.726313 Managing 13 client accounts.
I 18-12-28 20:53:16.726985 Managing 14 client accounts.
I 18-12-28 20:53:16.732647 Managing 15 client accounts.
I 18-12-28 20:53:16.732885 Managing 16 client accounts.
I 18-12-28 20:53:16.733201 Managing 17 client accounts.
I 18-12-28 20:53:16.765666 Managing 18 client accounts.
I 18-12-28 20:53:16.855797 This vault has received 0 Client Get requests. Chunks stored: Immutable: 1, Mutable: 0. Total stored: 588 bytes.
I 18-12-28 20:53:19.365549 Stats - Sent 15000 messages in total, comprising 224108619 bytes, 1 uncategorised, routes/failed: [1784]/0
I 18-12-28 20:53:19.365569 Stats - Direct - CandidateInfo: 11, MessageSignature: 215, ResourceProof: 0/10671/0, SectionListSignature: 0, ProxyRateLimitExceeded: 0
I 18-12-28 20:53:19.365573 Stats - Hops (Request/Response) - Relocate: 0/0, ExpectCandidate: 0, AcceptAsCandidate: 0, SectionUpdate: 0, SectionSplit: 0, OwnSectionMerge: 0, OtherSectionMerge: 0, ConnectionInfo: 10/0, CandidateApproval: 0, NodeApproval: 0, Ack: 1614
I 18-12-28 20:53:19.365578 Stats - User (total parts: 2481) (Request/Success/Failure) - PutIData: 0/0/0, GetIData: 26/26/0, PutMData: 0/0/0, GetMDataVersion: 0/0/0, GetMDataShell: 0/0/0, ListMDataKeys: 0/0/0, ListMDataValues: 0/0/0, ListMDataEntries: 0/0/0, GetMDataValue: 0/0/0, MutateMDataEntries: 0/0/0, ListMDataPermissions: 0/0/0, ListMDataUserPermissions: 0/0/0, SetMDataUserPermissions: 0/0/0, DelMDataUserPermissions: 0/0/0, ChangeMDataOwner: 0/0/0, ListAuthKeysAndVersion: 0/0/0, InsAuthKey: 0/0/0, DelAuthKey: 0/0/0, GetAccountInfo: 0/0/0, Refresh: 153
I 18-12-28 20:53:20.105023 {"name":"413941ed","immutable_data":26,"mutable_data":457,"type_tags":{},"used_space":164897,"max_space":34359738368,"immutable_data_set":[],"mutable_data_set":[],"sections":[{"prefix":"","version":0,"ids":["1b981187","2dfeafbc","413941ed","4c8b40d6","6770ad90","826180c3","9ce49e5f","ac172919","bace63ef","c749659d","daa89a1d","eee3ba3e"]}],"hostname":"9975cce72363"}
I 18-12-28 20:54:19.532129 {"name":"413941ed","immutable_data":26,"mutable_data":458,"type_tags":{},"used_space":211753,"max_space":34359738368,"immutable_data_set":[],"mutable_data_set":[],"sections":[{"prefix":"","version":0,"ids":["1b981187","2dfeafbc","413941ed","4c8b40d6","6770ad90","826180c3","9ce49e5f","ac172919","bace63ef","c749659d","daa89a1d","eee3ba3e"]}],"hostname":"9975cce72363"}
I 18-12-28 20:55:19.532175 {"name":"413941ed","immutable_data":26,"mutable_data":458,"type_tags":{},"used_space":211753,"max_space":34359738368,"immutable_data_set":[],"mutable_data_set":[],"sections":[{"prefix":"","version":0,"ids":["1b981187","2dfeafbc","413941ed","4c8b40d6","6770ad90","826180c3","9ce49e5f","ac172919","bace63ef","c749659d","daa89a1d","eee3ba3e"]}],"hostname":"9975cce72363"}
I 18-12-28 20:56:19.532275 {"name":"413941ed","immutable_data":26,"mutable_data":458,"type_tags":{},"used_space":211753,"max_space":34359738368,"immutable_data_set":[],"mutable_data_set":[],"sections":[{"prefix":"","version":0,"ids":["1b981187","2dfeafbc","413941ed","4c8b40d6","6770ad90","826180c3","9ce49e5f","ac172919","bace63ef","c749659d","daa89a1d","eee3ba3e"]}],"hostname":"9975cce72363"}

Where have I gone wrong

one@two:~/Desktop/safe_vault-v0.17.2-linux-x64$ ./safe_vault
Cannot start vault due to error: FileHandler(JsonParser(ErrorImpl { code: KeyMustBeAString, line: 2, column: 1 }))
I 18-12-28 12:39:36.091883

I downloaded Maidsafe binaries and updated the config files from tfa_safenetwork/ vaults /
when I try to run the vault I get the above error.

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Could you issue the following commands in one@two:~/Desktop/safe_vault-v0.17.2-linux-x64 directory:

ls -l
cat safe_vault.crust.config
cat safe_vault.routing.config
cat safe_vault.vault.config

and check if you find anything suspicious for json files.

If not, can you send me the output of these commands.

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This is a nice idea, thanks @tfa ! I’m running a node on my Raspberry Pi, if anyone wants a binary for Linux on ARM, I can upload it somewhere :slight_smile:


Thank you @bart for your stable node.

You are here in the galaxy:


I’ve been running a node on Windows using MaidSafe’s binaries.

Just got back to my computer & it seems the vault must have crashed while I was away as it’s no longer running… will leave it running & hope it becomes stable.


That’s fukn awesome @tfa

I love visual stuff like this.

I need to upgrade and clone the HD on my laptop soon wheb I do I’ll also purchase a small machine to run a dedicated node on.

Any low power good bandwidth recommendations?