Launch of a community safe network


Its a virgin router.

Ill try enabling udp as well


Google Cloud Platform gives you $300 free credit for a year. (US only I think)
I’m stuck though and I am pretty sure it’s port forwarding causing my problem.
If somebody can get it working that would be awesome.


im making progress, looks as though my pc thinks im on a public network which i hadnt allowed through the firewall

also, i had 2 entries on the firewall for the vault

i allowed both vaults access on public and pvt networks and im running

thanks for all the help


I see you 118561 :smiley:


Anywhere in between 1-5 more modes we could potentially get a split!!! So close!


Yes, 11 nodes on the left and 10 on the right. Only one more node on the right gets the split.

The first who says “first” with a screen shot of the 2 sections after the split wins.

Note that there won’t be any fancy animation during the split. I did that in the past but I was using canvas and now I am using SVG much simpler to program and with a sharper rendering and I didn’t have time to port this.


There seems to be some issues with people trying to access this post, from direct links to it.

Any ideas what might be going on?

EDIT: I might know what’s going on, you might need to be Trust Level 2 to read it, as that is required to access that network. This should be noted someplace, to eliminate confusion.


How insane would it be to achieve if a few of us pooled up some time/money/resources and did a 3D constellation with split/merge animations??


There is lock sign which indicates that the topic is restricted, but yes, I should have indicated it clearly in the OP. This is done now.

I think it should be opened to everybody to try to give a boost to the number of vaults. I am thinking about doing it tomorrow evening (Central European Time).

Edit:The category has just been opened to every one.


Ahh, okay, I wasn’t familiar with that feature, but I think it’s a good idea to open it up too.


Love that idea. Wouldn’t it also be cool promotion with a time-lapse of a growing network, splits/mergers and so on. Just a thought that come to mind.


I know it hasn’t been at all stressed yet, but so far it seems more stable than test 16 or whatever it was used for previous vaults from home / community network tests.

It’s a long time ago mind you, but it’s so great to have another network running without a big central core of hosted nodes… a taste of what’s to come.

If it’s possible / easy for someone with some skills to stick a basic forum on the test network, it’d be awesome to be chatting on there while playing a part in hosting the distributed forum :slight_smile:

Perhaps this could be done using the SAFE comments plugin?


We dit it! The first split of a community network.


Fantastic! Looking forward to seeing it continue to grow & more content being uploaded :slight_smile:


For anyone wondering about safe_vault code status, in particular the compiler version requirement - I’ve just submitted a pull request to update to rust 2018 edition.

Tested locally and it seems to work the same as usual.

Compiled version here if anyone is interested. Later I’ll add a repo for docker configs that create a handful of nodes to connect in testing.


Finally, I’m also in! :tada:


How is it working guys? What can you do on there?


Well you can leave your physical body behind and drift weightlessly in the depths of space, you can walk through walls and anything you can imagine becomes real. That sort of thing.


Where are the men in white coats? @JPL has got free again!


They’ll never find me out here beyond the asteroid belt. Tee hee!