Launch of a community safe network


32 bit or 64 bit? I have a couple of 32 bit C.H.I.P. SBCs lying around. Just got to find somewhere with the bandwidth. Or wait till early next year when they are supposed to be upgrading my internet to 20+Mbit/s up


Cool! How can you tell which point is which node? I was looking for a way to check which one is mine and couldn’t find one.

32-bit, ARMv7 to be exact - but it wouldn’t be a big problem to create another one, cross-compilation is pretty simple with Rust :wink:


That is what the CHIPs are Now all I need is the 6Mbits/s up



Your node is stable since yesterday. Thank you for that.

And you are here:

When TFA is selected in parameters tab, the TFA–nn nodes are displayed in green in the galaxy. There were only 2 remaining nodes in yellow and one of them was also mine (named TMP–00) and I vaguely remembered its position. So, I guessed the other one was your node.

Coordinates of a node are computed from its id:

  • Take the most significant 32 bits of the id (an UINT32)
  • The X coordinate is given by the 16 bits at odd positions within the UINT32
  • The Y coordinate is given by the 16 bits at even positions within the UINT32
  • Origin is at bottom left
  • X axis is directed to the right
  • Y axis is directed to the top
  • 0xFFFFFFFF is top right corner
  • I have added 5% size margin all around the galaxy

I will add a way to highlight a node designated by its id so that people using Maidsafe deliveries can locate their own node.


Hm hm… Should this be working with SAFE Browser 0.11.0? I’m just getting app.webFetch is not a function when I’m trying to load it with that one…


safe://traktion works for me and I get the nice sleeping dog.


Thanks for the info. I wonder what the problem is, then. The browser connects to the network, but something fails when I’m trying to load that page.


It should work fine with latest browser. Just on mobile now but will test shortly.


Alright, I fixed that. Some googling let me find a thread for a similar issue:
It turns out to be a problem with my desktop environment and xdg-open. I remembered I fixed another error once by replacing xdg-open with a symlink to gnome-open, and it worked this time, too.


aaaaand Im in!! :tada:
This is awesome @tfa very satisfying to be part of a network again.
Strangely addictive.



And also this…

Is why SAFEnetwork will absolutely catch on.

The same ‘experts’ will say SAFEnetwork will not catch on.


Does there need to be another 11 nodes before we get a section split since there are currently 12 nodes and the threshold is 22 if I remember correctly??


10 nodes minimum, but it’s theoretically possible that we won’t have a split after getting an arbitrarily large number of new nodes.

The requirement is that there have to be at least 11 nodes in both potential halves (so 11 nodes starting with 0 and 11 starting with 1 in this case). If 100 new nodes started with 0 for some reason, then we would keep having too few nodes starting with 1 and there wouldn’t be a split. It’s highly improbable, though (and maybe even impossible, as IIRC it’s the section that assigns new names and it tries to balance them).

I’d say we will have a split when we get 10-15 more nodes.


I have just updated the web site with 2 small improvements:

  • For people using Maidsafe deliveries: Added possibility to locate your node in the galaxy by entering your node id in Parameters tab (6 hex digits appearing in many log messages)

  • For people joining the docker swarm: Lowered the minimum number of nodes needed to appear in the Honor Roll to 1 node instead of 2 (I was afraid there would be too many nodes!!!)

You need to refresh the page to get the new features.

Yes, exactly. The nodes starting with 0 are in the left half, and the nodes starting with 1 are in the right half. Currently the 2 halves are well balanced (7 nodes in each half).


Please note that I have updated the file with complementary info:

  • 5483/TCP port must be opened and for vault at home the ISP box must forward this port

  • Changed command to launch the vault to RUST_LOG=info ./safe_vault to display some logs to the screen (otherwise user might not be aware that his node is running)

  • Mentioned Docker engine version (18.09.0)

  • Only one tracked vault is enough to appear in Honor Roll (instead of 2 previously)


Nice work @tfa. I plan to set up a vault or two tomorrow. Is the requirement still 32gb of disk space? Are there any limits on file upload size?


Yes, the same as Alpha 2 network (1000 * 1MB = 1GB). But by uploading this you would use all your PUT balance.

Yes, this is the size I have set in safe_vault.vault.config file (exactly: “max_capacity”: 34359738368). This a high value but as duplication factor is 8, one user may consume up to 8 GB in the network, so we really need big vaults.


The Wheel of Fortune is back, safe://wof.savage


Trying to setup my raspberry pi, don’t have enough linux experience to know how to make the vault setup, but hopfully in a few days I can provide a vault. Will it work with Raspian or do I need another distro? I have a SD card reader on the way to me, so I will be able to change to another distro in a few days if Raspian don’t work. Do you guys run you’re machines headless or in desktop mode?


Raspbian should be fine. I’m running Arch on my Pi, but I actually cross-compiled the binary on my desktop and it works fine, so I’d expect it to work fine on another Linux distro as well (as long as it uses GNU libc and ABI… but I think Raspbian does?).

I’m running my Pi headless.