Launch of a community safe network

You have a functional SB running on Alpha 2, you replace content of “SAFE Brower.crust.config” by the one provided here and SB doesn’t work anymore on community network ?

This is the procedure I followed and it works for me.

Just a check: you didn’t mess up with “SAFE Brower.routing.config”, did you? This file is created automatically by SB with following content:

  "dev": null

Another hypothesis: Maybe SB doesn’t work when running on same machine as safe vault? Did any one test this configuration?

By far the best bet in all of these cases is to compile with musl. I wish it was a default as lack of it it causes all of these issues. If you have a rust install you can see the toolchains for musl with
rustc --print target-list |grep musl and there you have armv7-unknown-linux-musleabihf
So when cross compiling using this target instead of the non musl version would fix this (and more) issue(s).

So instead of
cargo build --target=armv7-unknown-linux-eabihf
We would just type
cargo build --target= armv7-unknown-linux-musleabihf

I go on a lot about this, one day I hope and pray we will default all these to musl for many reasons, including security. It is 4 extra keystrokes and saves a ton of woes.


Thanks David. Those steps are alittle bit to complicated for me but maybe helps someone else with the same problem.

The GLIBC problem might be this, found a comment on github.

I will try to install another distro when the SD card reader arrives in a few days and see if I get more luck with that. Anyone who can suggest a good distro for Raspberry pi for the purpose of getting a vault going?

Yes correct. Turning in now but I’ll try again tomorrow, also with another machine.

It might be possible to compile the vault binary for the version of GLIBC present on Raspbian, but you’d probably have to check somehow what that version is. If you can find out, I can try compiling another binary in the evening.

You mean statically linking with musl? That could work and I actually should be able to prepare such a binary. But that would have to wait until evening, too :wink:


Yes that is the default when using a musl target. We should always do that IMO as it is way more reproducible. It is also safer as well IMO as dynamic libraries are a security nightmare as you can possibly infect an so lib easier than the app. In any case static musl is way better for security. It can be slightly slower (debatable) but that price is well worth paying.


It’s a strange one. I’ve turned the firewall off (Fedora), explicitly opened ports and I still can’t bootstrap. I’ll try again with Debian & Ubuntu later. Seem to remember this was a problem with previous vault testnets, so it could be something to do with the way my router interacts with Linux. Fortunately such things should be in the past with the new NAT traversal techniques.


When you open ports and such, is it necessary to take any security actions, to have firewalls/antivirus installed and similar, to protect the machine, or is the router firewall enough?

@bart, I think the GLIBC version is 2.23 as I believe that I managed to update to the latest distro. I don’t know how to check but as stated in the link to github, the latest Raspbian should have GLIBC 2.23. Even if you compile it in another way maybe this info can be good to know. Looking forward to your update with musl, will be fun to get a vault up and running. :slight_smile:

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Probably I should, although the firewall’s only off for a minute or two and I don’t user the machines (actually it’s just distros installed on USB sticks) for anything sensitive.


Alright, this one is statically linked with musl: (at least should be… seems to work on my Pi, and ldd safe_vault says that it’s not a dynamically linked executable, so looks about right :wink: ). See if this one works!


Nice one @bart that should be perfect.


Awesome, I will try it out the first moment possible when I wake up later today, thanks bart! :slightly_smiling_face:


Could not wait, too exited, looks like it works great. :slight_smile:

I don’t know what happened at the buttom with the “killed”, but now it feels like I’am one step further. :slight_smile:

Did another try and did just notice that there is probably not enough space at the moment, need to solve that, the pi is stuck at 99% load so can’t move the mouse on the pi right now, but hopefully that will get solved soon.


I’m in…


Me tooo… :tada:


So my 6 year old just unplugged the modem.
Lots of self restraint had on my part. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Will the SAFE Network be the end of happy families in the future :rofl:

He would be going to live at grandma were it an aged node.

Lesson learned!


Started a node and will leave it running to make it stable.


I’m in !Screenshot%20(3)


New node added.

Come on, guys, we need more volunteers. We are close to the first split.


Thank you very much for your 2 nodes.

Here they are (highlighted in green):

To get this image, I just entered your ids (found in your screen shots) in parameters tab:


Only 16 nodes for now, we need at least 6 more nodes. Not enough people motivated for providing vaults, let us hope this is because they were on holidays.