Launch of a community safe network

You can watch the network grow, maybe there is some sites you can access, you can probably develop a site/app and try it out. But I think it is just intended as a cool thing to have a network up and running until Alpha Fleming is released.


That is a slightly more sensible answer than mine.


I think another answer is that you can do anything you can do on alpha 2 on this community network. The only difference is that it is hosted by users all around the world, rather than just on Maidsafe’s cloud servers. That is pretty cool, IMO.


Can anyone build a website on the network and allow other network users to access it? Has anyone done that here?


I did one as a quick test. It’s terrible. safe://


Yes, this has already been done. There is a list of such sites in this topic .


But not as funny.

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For people having a low bandwidth at home and wanting to provide a VPS node I would recommend using Hetzner CX21 servers because they are affordable (€5.88/month) and they pass the resource proof challenges to connect a vault to the network.

I don’t have any link with them, it’s just my own experience:

  • During my preliminary tests I used Vultur servers at $5/month because for the same price they are slightly more powerful than Digital Ocean ones. Initially I wanted a lower min section size like 5 or 7 and both Vultur and Digital Ocean servers passed the challenges successfully.

  • But I came across some problems with these values with SAFE Browser and WHM and I was forced to use min section size = 8 to make them work. With this value, the $5/month servers from both Vultur and Digital Ocean don’t pass the test anymore for the ninth vault. The only one that worked was the CPU optimized server at $40/month from Digital Ocean. The configuration was then: 8 nodes at $5/month from Vultur + 1 node at $40/month from DO.

  • Generalizing a $40/month was too expensive for me and I looked for other alternatives and I found that Hetzner CX21 server passes the test for the ninth vault. The configuration was then: 8 nodes at $5/month from Vultur + 1 node at €5.88/month from Hetzner.

  • I generalized the Hetzner CX21 server because if a Vultur vault crashed, it wouldn’t be able to join the network again and so, my final configuration is 9 CX21 servers from Hetzner

  • Additional advantages are: a bigger SSD disk (40GB) and a greater allowed outgoing traffic (40TB/month).

  • The only drawback is that Hetzner has only 3 locations. So, if one of them is disrupted then the network might crash. But hey, this is only a test network.


If you / someone can provide simple instructions I’ll join with a Hetzner server. I can’t give much time to this, but I’m willing to spend €5.88/month if setup is straightforward.

If I can setup a VPN on the same server I might break even :wink:


As I wanted to pay with bitcoin I tried a couple of VPS from this list (CrownCloud and Linevast) and both pass the resource test without problems.

If I have time I would like to try Ramnode that has very good price, several locations and, in theory, enough power to run a Vault.


Wow, completely missed this thread! Great work @tfa!
@Traktion could you send me an invite? I’ll try to contribute a node as soon as I get back from work.


Oh nice, its good to see someone apart from maidsafe using their libraries, hopefully some usefull data can be squeezed out of it.

Though it does make me expect that adding vaults won’t be too much of a hassle, which may be the case.


I think it is a useful proof of concept regardless. Demonstrating that vaults can be run in a non-maidsafe controlled environment is good confirmation that the vaults software works in the wild.


Think I made it and added a node! :grinning:

The positive about using Raspbian is that there is no default firewall, I hope the router firewall is enough. But if anyone connecting direct to internet with no router, make sure to install a firewall.
If someone think that there are security features that would be good to add, feel free to comment. Thought about installing ufw firewall and add fail2ban but wanted to see if I could get the vault up and running before adding stuff.

Thanks for the package @bart, it was easy to setup, and thanks to @Savage for the easy to follow instructions, also to @tfa @neo and @Traktion for making this possible. Fun to have a vault up and running.


New VPS node added ( Without problem to pass the resource test.

For just $2.23 the first month isn’t bad at all.:grinning: Possibly cheaper than the electricity bill of most devices at home.


With all these vaults coming online, it’s a shame we can’t use more of the available storage. Still, it’s great to see the community network growing! :sunglasses:


Might be worth upping the put limit per account I guess? Not likely to fill up the network at this stage even with a huge amount more PUTs per user.

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I have a happy vault :slight_smile:


You can be proud of yourself and show your name in the galaxy to every one.