Latest WHM behaviour (for use with WebID PoC)

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Where is the code for this? I can’t find any changes to WHM in maidsafe, yours, Josh’s, Krishna’s repos for WHM that relate to the WebID PoC.

I’d like to see what it is doing that’s new.

Also, at some point the WHM appears to have changed to create two _publicNames entries for each new public name. Is there documentation on what the second unintelligible one is?


The WHM has its own repo now:


Ah, I had seen that but I forgot.
:slight_smile: Thanks.

I suggest the old repo is purged and left with a that points to the new one.


Looking at the code for creating a public name it appears to only insert one entry into _publicNames, but since I updated my code to use listEntries() instead of forEach() (as you suggested recently) I’m seeing two entries per public name created using WHM. One is as expected, the other appears to be a binary sequence.

All this was done with the latest WHM and I can’t compare with data created earlier because it was all wiped in the reset.

Maybe I’m not iterating correctly. My code is:

let entries = await this._mData.getEntries()
      let entriesList = await entries.listEntries()
entriesList.forEach(async (entry) => {

See code on github

I’m using the same code for different container types so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong here, but it is only the _publicNames container that seems to have these unexpected, unintelligible entries.

Any ideas? For now I’m just ignoring them, but I’d like to get to the bottom of this… are they real, and if so what are they, how did they get created etc? or if not real, why am I seeing them?

This may be due to an issue when creating WebIDs actually, rather than the WHM, but I’m not sure, I know @bzee was seeing something similar or the same when creating WebIDs.

This was without having created any webIds. Each time I create a public name with the WHM it is creating two entries (unless I’m not iterating correctly). Subsequently I have created a webId, and that adds just one entry EDIT: oops, actually it is creating two each with a different fragment identifier (e.g. safe://_publicNames#happybeing and safe://_publicNames#it)

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