Largest community-owned urban renewable energy project in the UK

COUNCIL buildings across Edinburgh are to be fitted with community-owned solar panels, it has been announced today.

Edinburgh Council will work in partnership with the Edinburgh Community Solar Co-operative (ECSC) to deliver the panels to 25 council buildings across the city.

Edinburgh Community Solar Co-operative

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As usual:

  • Complete absence of details about how much more this will cost (I guess it’d slightly diminish the PR value of the announcement)
  • Extremely detailed estimates about CO2 reductions which are completely meaningless in the big picture (i.e. you’re guaranteed to go bankrupt before you offset the increasing emissions by China and India)

Valid points @janitor …also, looking a bit closer at the details… the council end up owning the panels at the end of the scheme. If that’s the case, i’m sceptical that a real terms increase or even return of capital can be achieved…no doubt they will be using the govnts inflation numbers, could be wrong though…just getting started learning about solar, tesla sparked my interest.