Lack of engagement

So aside from this forum which few people know about, I am surprised to see that there is really no form of engagement on the likes of YouTube save for a short video, the last one of which was done almost 6 months ago.
I feel this is a missed opportunity to try and communicate in a succinct but straight forward manner what progress has been made and more importantly to make others aware of this project.


We live in a world where everything around us is built by people like us. Safe is open to all project. If you want something to exist, create it… :love:

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I’m pretty sure he’s referring to the Team engaging the rest of the world. I get your point we can all help where we can but regular folk want to hear from those building the network.

This is an amazing project which as been referred to building a city on Mars. Yet the team building it doesn’t take the time to tell the world about it. We could have many more people here helping from technical and social perspective. This won’t happen until the Team starts telling the world about what is being built.

Hopefully with Jim’s promotion we can see some more engagement.

Yes absolutely what I was driving at, getting more people with the technical and social know how too is vital and that can only be done once more people are aware of what this project is and where it is in it’s development.

Knowledge is knowledge.

It doesn’t matter if it comes from a king or a beggar.

I know that the desire to worship authority is strong in human beings, but we have an example of how a decentralized technology like Bitcoin succeeds despite a lack of authority. It will be the same for Safe.

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If you believe that, why don’t you do something? For example, you buy some ads?

Privacy. Security. Freedom


I think you have misconstrued what I am saying. Those who are directly involved in the day to day workings of the project need to communicate more, yes, you as an individual can promote but this is bigger than that.

BTC succeeds because adopters and supporters made a lot of money from investing in it. The halvening created scarcity which utilizes human greed. The early adopters became the authority. MAID is now at #300 on CoinGecko. Not an inspiring position. It is fascinating to watch Radix slowly gain rank as MAID sinks like a stone. Two very different approaches and neither has a working product. I’m hoping Maidsafe can learn from Radix and their approach.


Here is something contradictory. Only people who act can give an opinion. YOU show me what YOU are doing and I will consider your opinion.

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I stopped engaging the public when I realized the Team wasn’t. I’ll start again when the Team starts engaging again.

I invested my money and so did Hopefulinvestor. You act like that is not enough. Is it wrong to expect the Team to talk about the technology as investors? Remember they got people to invest because they were promoting the project. The inflow of investment has stopped since they stopped promoting the technology. They are directly related.


Here in plain text I tell you that, yes you are wrong.

Because you don’t participate in a Security. You bought tokens to buy storage in a decentralised network.

Of course you are free to use them as a speculative tool, BUT David did not promise you that their price compared to fiat money will go up. MAID is not Security. MAID is a Utility Token.

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Are you suggesting all the investors in Safe bought the tokens for storage and not for speculation? The folks that bought BTC bought in because they hoped the price would go up. I’d wager that most that bought MAID token did so because they wanted to see the price rise.

This said I will donate 10% of my coins to support apps and storage on the network. This can only happen if the price rises otherwise my donation will amount to nothing.

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You are free to look at yourself as an investor, a chicken, or as the Emperor God of Dune. What matters is what David promised you. He only promised you a decentralized network.

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This why this community has been shrinking. Nobody wants to hear such things.

I never said David promise me anything. I said most people bought into the token to see a rise in price. That is true has nothing to do with what David promised.

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In fact, the Bulgarian community is growing every day :wink:

Hello, Dimitar! I came to you after browsing all sorts of sites for the safe network and coin. I saw a poster pasted at my entrance in Lozenets and so I came across Abe, this is a very cool idea! I see a serious and bright future for this network and I would very much like to participate. I want to buy from MAID coins, as well as give myself disk space in the vault. Did I understand correctly that at the moment I can only buy Maidcoins, but giving a disk space is not yet possible? Will it become possible only after the official launch of the network? I have some ideas for sites to be hosted on Safe and I would like to know more about the process as I am not a programmer myself. I will be happy to have contact and discuss issues on the topic :slight_smile: have a nice day!

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I am happy things are under the radar at the moment. The public clamors for a “cult of personality” who will tell them specific nonsense - like exactly when the product will be released.

Maidsafe isn’t in a position to do that, nor are they willing to fake it.

When the product is ready, then I expect they’ll get more public about it – also they will let us in the community know and we can get more public about it at that time - as we will be armed with clear facts we can honestly share.

Until then I humbly suggest people relax or find something to occupy yourselves with until things here are ready to go.

Integrity has a price … this is what it looks like in a software project.


Software projects constantly promote their work and company. It is part of the business. I live in the Silicon Valley and the idea that software companies don’t hustle for visibility is untrue. It is constant work that goes along with programers coding. The teams have people that focus on visibility constantly.

Nobody is clamoring for a cult of personality. We are asking for engagement even 1 hour a month. Something. If they don’t do this we will witness further harm to the token which the project relies on to fund itself.


I for one am glad that Maidsafe isn’t acting like the herd. Too many promise what they can’t produce/deliver. Also Maidsafe doesn’t have the funding to run a sideshow. Most Silicon Valley firms have large VC funding - wherein the VC’s intend to take the company public at some point - so they ruthlessly promote and lie about the product for the future gains they expect. They can also drive the project dumping more money into it if it’s going to slow. Maidsafe isn’t in that boat apparently as they came to us a couple of years ago for more funding, not some VC’s who would certainly put constraints on the project or not even consider it given the promises made at the ICO.

Edit: at some point, you’ve ‘Maid’ your bed and you have to lay down in it. I expect Maidsafe is well past that point. How things are going is how they will continue until it’s very close to beta.