Kuala Lumpur Community Maidsafe Meetup - 10th March @ Sunway Leadership Centre

Dear Forum members,

Here’s an update from the meeting last Saturday.

Meeting Organisers

Me & @Wong

Special Guest
@dugcampbell via skype

Dug to discuss latest issues and marketing plan
Allow Q&A from audience

1.5 hours, 1 hour 730-830pm with Dug & the rest between community members

There were 15 members who attended the event this round. Not a huge number but it was important as it included a few new members who head not been there the first round. There was a Man Utd and Liverpool game life that people were willing too miss to attend the event. It was a difficult moment for me as I am a huge MU fan. And fortunately the team won so it was not too bad at the end :slight_smile: P/s Dug - hope your team did well at the 6 nations event too :slight_smile:

Meeting started once Dug dialled in. After brief introductions of who Dug is Dug took the stage to and started by explaining about Safenetwork and some of the activities that have gone on in the past few weeks.

Unfortunately at some point Dug was not able to hear us but could only see and we had to type questions to him.

The usual questions that came out were estimate of how much work has been done and what remains for Alpha 3. Dug replied that there is not estimate there. Just there are a lot of technical challenges and many areas need to be tested.

Dug asked the community what was needed to support us. The feedback was collaterals like merchandise, brochures & content will be helpful. Wong asked for a technological platform where we can use for meetings like these. We can then use the platforms to communicate and blast information. Currently we are on WhatsApp. The community member not all use the forum so we channel information like the weekly updates and big developments out to them instead. Dug did advise to use Meetup more in future.

One major question or recommendation was about the supply of the coins. Will there be 4.3billion coins from day one. A video explaining this or a short article will be great to help clear the issue.

Dug also explained the ERC2 issue and said there was no decision yet.

Dug then went on to explain the partnership with Identillect and what are the synergies for Maidsafe with the tie up.

Dug provided an update on the Bittrex delisting and mentioned issued to the audience that there are plans to list on other exchanges. But they will only announce once things are firmed up.

He also mentioned about the upcoming developer conference and the hackathon that Maidsafe is organising.

A community member also pointed out the weekly updates can be too technical and a more simpler update for dummies would help. Within the group too there were only two who had read the safe primer. No prizes for guessing who the two are. Dug did ask the group the download the browser and try it out and provide feedback as it will help the developers to understand if it is easy enough for a non technical person to use. There need to be better linkage with the larger potential audience and the feeling is the priority is largely on developers now. This is not for marketing but for testing.

A member asked what were the social media platforms available today and Dug explained about the Twitter, FB, Linkedin, medium & the forum. The community was mainly aware of twitter, FB & Linkedin. There was a recommendation that Maidsafe should connect their sites with Linkedin & FB developer groups to get more visibility there.

There was a question about what is the focus on China & India as they are potentially huge markets for the Safenetwork. Dug replied that they are important markets but as of now they have not formulated a plan yet.

That was the final question and Dug who had committed 30 minutes actually went on to speak for an hour. The community was pleased with his explanations and we feel this provided people more confidence and even if it does not answer the trillion dollar question of when the launch date is they largely know there is a lot of development going on and Maidsafe is making great progress.

We thank Dug for his time and commitment to speak to the community on a weekend. We also thank the members who came and supported the event.

We then asked the community to help push messages out on social media and helped members with their polonium verification.

Overall the meeting went well. We do feel the community is of less technical people. This may provide a test bed to try products to see how end users adapt. Maybe more targeted testing request to this community directly.

We hope to have a larger crowd in future.

Thank you @dugcampbell for taking time to speak to us on a Saturday afternoon. We really appreciate it and your input was just great @Wong for all the help and technical support and linking up with Dug. @whiteoutmashups for the support in making this event possible


@Harvindar spent alot of effort making it happen. Even though @dugcampbell had another important conference on, he took the time to dial in (with Safenetwork shirt on!) answered a lot of questions. Some of the explanations knocked some sense into the updates. Great meet up!

@dugcampbell remember our promise :smiley:

Some photos for sharing.


Thanks @Harvindar and @wong for hosting, great to see what’s happening out there (and kudos to all who attended despite the clash with the footie!). Hopefully we can make these into some form of regular update going forwards - and please do shout if there’s things we could do at this end that would make it easier for you to build a growing meetup out there. Well done all :smile:


This is great! Thanks for debriefing the event, @Harvindar. This will come in handy as other meet up organizers (myself included, haha) put together agendas :slight_smile:


Hi sotros. Its a lot of effort and following up with people to try and block a date and time that fits everyone. Then the setup on the day. A few last minute cancellations. Then a few last minute late comers. Can be stressful. So you in a way become the face of Maidsafe in the area. And when prices slump u get a lot of crap.

You just got to be patient. Let us know if you need anything. All the best for your meetup.


Do improve from our version yeah. If you have meetup or skype, I’m interested to join in and learn as well :smiley: