Kryptoradio to transmit the Blockchain over terrestrial television (DVB-T)


Kryptoradio is a bitcoin data transmission system that transmits bitcoin transactions, blocks, and currency exchange data and does all this in real-time using terrestrial television (DVB-T) transmitters around the world.

Bitcoins in the air, literally speaking.

Any unidirectional digital transmission path with a sufficient error correction is suitable for this project. In addition to DVB-T there are many other possible ways to transmit Bitcoin stream like subcarriers of FM radio transmission, amateur radio, and DAB. We chose DVB-T for our pilot project because of its flexibility and wide support in most parts of the world, shown in blue in the map below

This scheme makes it easy to construct affordable receivers that do not need mobile data connections in order to follow bitcoin traffic and to react to the received bitcoin payments.

This would make it possible to build bitcoin counterpart for cash payment terminals, anything from a cash register to a coin operated self-service laundry. If the receiver application follows only transactions relevant to itself, it will be possible to build it using even an ARM microcontroller.

Also, it allows an alternative way to access the bitcoin network in cases where only a very low speed Internet connection is available. And, for all the tin foil hat wearers out there, this is a way to connect to bitcoin network without a trace! You only need online access when you want to make transactions yourself.

The data stream can contain other information, such as exchange rates between bitcoins and traditional currencies.


Does it allow you to send and receive transactions? What are the full technical specifications? Would it work with Mastercoin?


Wow cool project, so I donated. This will do Safecoin good 1day :smile: