Krugman: Trump is right on economics

This is fascinating. Krugman agrees with Trump on economics except for the protectionism, but Sanders also wants the protectionism too. Trump wants to raise taxes on the rich, supports single payer etc. But despite Krugman’s rhetoric he too must also want the so called protectionism because he says Trump is right on economics and the most interesting and important thing Trump is saying is reverse globalism, presumably because it’s pitting ordinary people against each other. What could be better than a lot of crucially needed protectionism and getting rid of petrol? But alas Trump is a climate denier. Other than thank he calls Trump an ignorant blowhard.

Krugman also talks about Obama actually having raised substantially the taxes on the 1% job suppressors. The molesters or other people’s money are not to going to get an even more perverse so called tax break on money that isn’t theirs and money they didn’t earn. Not many know Obama succeeded in raising taxes on the useless billionaire class. Great parts of the article talk about how Obama got unemployment lower than at any time during the Regan admin at 5% and that is a year earlier and percentage point better than the 6% Romney said he could deliver but never would have his failed state plans to reward economy killers like himself. But alas Krugman notes the economy is far from healthy and has a long way to go- employment has recovered in some ways but wages have not etc.