Kim Dotcom and MaidSafe?

I listened to Kim Dotcom on the Crypto Show a couple of days ago, he say he is likely to use the SafeNetwork as one of many storage solutions for the next iteration of MegaUpload and eventually MegaNet. He plans on using his own coin which will allow micro-transactions but settles in BTC for users to purchase uploaded content. He states that the uploaded content will be hosted redundantly on various decentralized storage platform (including the SafeNetwork) but that Mega Upload will be the portal/transactional layer. He states he already has millions as a user-base and that his effort will bring Bitcoin to millions of new users. Lets hope he wins his extradition battle against the US to see his vision come to life. If he successfully incorporates the SafeNetwork into his platform he could quickly become the largest safecoin holder.


On bnktothefuture in the pitch presentations of MU2 maidsafe is also mentioned…

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To me it doesn’t make sense. MaidSafe by itself is redundant by default.
And other projects don’t have the same level of emphasis on anonymity.

Agreed and will do everything he wants. Maybe he feels he can get his product out quicker and catch some $$$ before SAFE takes over.

And if you look at the forum on banktothefuture he gives a flog off answer to Nick when asked about it. It seems SAFE is just an egg in his basket of many dozen of eggs. He wants the profits for himself and seems unlikely to do any partnership deals with maidsafe since he historically wants full control. He may use SAFE and not tell the users how good SAFE is on its own.

If he is first to market and really does have all the network effect he believes he does then he may well end up becoming the default portal to content on the SafeNetwork for millions of MU2 users. What I would like to know is, does he plan on sharing the safecoin generated from popular content on the SafeNetwork with the content publisher.

I guess if he is first, then be beat SAFEnetwork and thus is not using SAFE.

Otherwise even the demo APP polished up would beat his offering for storage.

Doubt it. Only way would be if he needed it to entice people to join his network. He is after maximising his profits so no sharing unless its necessary.

As a businessman trying to raise funds it makes sense for him to mention several ways he can deliver, without tying himself to any particular project, which itself might not be convincing to his investors, or even fall foul of some calamity before it is ready to use.

Much better for him to hedge his bets and pick the best solution when the time comes to do so.


As he leverages every p2p storage tech (Demonsaw, Storj, IPFS etc) he will no doubt choose a favorite which will be the default. It may be years before we know how this all pans out. But the years do fly by. Strange to think I’ve been on this forum with all you fine folks for years already. :slight_smile:

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